Friday, June 14, 2019

Knowledge Nugget of the Day: Can you "brew" wine?

One of the reasons I enjoy translating is you never know what random knowledge you'd gain in the process of looking things up. For example, can you "brew" wine? As I am quite certain I have never seen beer in any TV shows depicting ancient China. And what exactly is the difference between "brewing" (beer) and simply "making" (wine)? 

It seems to me that the difference has to do with the technical process. Beer is boiled, steeped, mixed with wort, cooked and so on. Liquor is distilled and wine simply ferments. Unless you boil and sweeten the wine with spices and such. Then, wine is mulled.
Tea is brewed also because the process of infusing and boiling and steeping is part of what it is to brew.
Source:  Thank you, Rosends fro StackExchange for clarifying this. :-)

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