Friday, June 28, 2019

TWQQF ch 111 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (4)

Master beast tamers were slightly more powerful, they could communicate with vicious beasts and mystical beasts. These vicious beasts and mystical beasts would be able to understand their commands and able to engage and complete in battles.

As for guru beast tamers, not only could they command mystical beasts, they could also make sacred beast to work along side them.

If a beasts tamer’s level was not high enough, not only would they not be able to command the sacred beasts, they would be destroyed by the sacred beasts when they run into them.

The most important point was, if they want to delegate vicious or mystical beasts that they have trained to someone else, they must be master beast tamers or above. A regular beast tamer would have not this ability.

Judging from this, the beast tamer at the Cheng’s was at least a master beast tamer. This was yet another shocking news.

“May I ask what are the three seniors’ business coming to Willow?” Liu Tianshan asked the three old men solemnly.

Same as Liu Danhuang, Liu Tianshan was one of Cheng Biyuan’s disciplines by name. These disciples by name were also charged with the responsibilities to lead the mystical beasts and surveil areas around Willow for intruders when they were not cultivating.

“Young man, I am deacon elders of Huashan (Mount Hua) Sect, one of the top 9 sects. I would like to meet with Master Cheng!” said old man Quan courteously.

Old man Lin followed suite, “I am Wushan (Five Mountains) Sect’s deacon elder and would like to meet with Master Cheng. Can you please pass on the message?”

“I am deacon elder of Shendong (god east) Sect, I made a trip in the hope of meeting with Master Cheng!” Old man Du had also introduced himself.

The villagers of Willow were no longer the same as before, especially Cheng Biyuan’s dozens of disciples. They were well aware of all the powers on this continent.

When he heard that they were deacon elders from the 9 top sects, he dare not be rude. Courteously he cupped his hands and said, “The three elders, please wait here. I must report to my master first before I can let you through. I hope you will understand!”

“Of course, of course….”

“No problem, no problem, we appreciate you making a trip for us!”

“We understanding, thank you for relaying our messages for us!”

“No problem!” Liu Tianshan was quite fond of the three courteous elders in front of him and decided to report to his master.

When he was turning around, a soft voice came from the hillside next to him, “Shi xiong Tianshan….”

Shi mei….” Liu Tianshan stopped in his path and smiled at the individual on the hillside, “Shi mei, these three seniors1 would like to meet with master!”

“Understood!” nodded Cheng Xiao Xiao.

The three deacon elders looked up at the source of the voice. They saw a young girl, about 15-16 years of age. Her face was jade like, her mannerism elegant, her look nonchalant and cool, she looked nothing like a village girl.

From the exchange between the two, the three deacon elders figured out who she was. Of course, they were more surprised and baffled by how did she appear there.

With their martial king cultivation, they should be able to detect any movements or noises within a 10 mile radius.

However, this girl in front of him just appeared out of the blue without being detected by them. All three deacon elders were in awe.

“Oh, um, that is….”

When old man Lin saw the fiery lion standing next to Cheng Xiao Xiao, he was shocked speechless.


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1.      Rank/age/generations are emphasized a lot more in Asian culture than Western culture. Here when Liu Tianshan used the term “seniors” he wasn’t being rude and calling them “old men”, but a respectable way of referring to them as someone of a generation that was senior to theirs.



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