Monday, June 3, 2019

TWQQF ch 84 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (17)

The master and the servants rushed to the front door to welcome the newly arrived.

Old man Ning had long been waiting for their arrival!

After a while, old man Ning had welcomed his three good friends into his house. Everybody was happy from getting together with their old friends again.

They all settled down in front of the table in the study.

“All my brothers finally arrived!” old man Ning felt very emotional!

Old man Lin raised his brows, “Old man Ning, your message was so delayed. We’ve planned on making a trip out here when we heard that the mystical spring was in Willow. We received your message when we were just about to take off, so we left right away. Even then, it took us over half a month to get here!”

“He’s right, old man Ning. We almost thought you were never going to tell us when we finally got your letter, ha ha ha ha ha….”

Old man Ning was a little bit embarrassed by the teasing of his old friend, helplessly he said, “Old Quan, stop teasing me. Why would I try to hide this from you? We tried so hard in the first few days to establish contact with the Cheng’s, unfortunately, we ended up mucking things up and were snubbed by the Cheng’s. I’ve sent you the letter the first opportunity I got, I guess it’s all my fault!”

“HAHAHA…” Old Du laughed out loud, “Oh, Ning lao di1, we are just messing with you. Don’t take it so seriously. How long have we been friend, eh?”

“Exactly, we have traversed jianghu2 together back in the days and known each other for over forty years. Our bond is stronger than this!”

“Yeah, our bond will last for life, Ning di, don’t mind Quan di’s little joke!”

“HAHA, that’s wright, old man Ning will never be so petty. We know him well by now!”

The old men chatted and laughed happily in the study and Ko Yang standing to one side also smiled a little. With them being here, he believed those from School of Divine Condor will behave slightly better.

After all, these were all elders from the nine top sect. Their being here, even if those from School of Divine Condor were arrogant, they would have to refrain themselves some in front of them.

In front of his old friends, old man Ning felt even more guilty. After all, he was being selfish at the beginning and didn’t notify them right away.

Now that they were teasing him friendly about it, he felt quiet embarrassed. Lucky this was not his first rodeo, he was good at hiding his feelings.

After the laughter died down, old Lin regained his composure, he asked with a bit uncertainty, “Ning lao di, it seems kind of noisy in your place, are the folks from School of Divine Condor still here?”

“Yeah!” replied old man Ning with a bitter smile, “They haven’t left yet. Looks like they will be staying here for a while longer.”

“Oh, why is that?” asked old Lin, baffled.

Old Quan frowned too, “There were quite a few of them. It’s a pretty hefty to provide them with room and board for a prolonged period of time!”

They knew that while old man Ning was well off, his assets were like night and day when comparing with some of the other sects.

They started worry for him, but they also knew that they’d just hurt his ego if they offered to help him out. So they felt obligated to remind him.

“Don’t worry, all my good brothers. I can afford to house them for a while long, that’s not the biggest problem, the real problem was…”

“Was what?” asked old man Lin, seeing how troubled old man Ning was.

“Old brother, let me tell you what have been going on lately!”


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1.      Means “old little brother”. “Old” because he was old in age. “Di” is younger brother, old Du still referred to him as younger brother because he was older Du was older than Ning. I chose to go with Chinese pronunciation here as “old younger brother” just sounds very awkward in English.
3.      literally translates as “Rivers and Lakes”, but figuratively refers to the “underground world of martial arts”. A section of society consisting of martial artists, gangsters, thieves, beggars, prostitutes, merchants, entertainers, and anyone else wanting to operate outside of mainstream society or in the grey area of the law. (Source: