Thursday, June 13, 2019

TWQQF ch 95 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (8)

They exchanged some pleasantries as they enjoyed the tea. Before long, Zhu Bo finally got to his point, “Master Cheng, I’ve have heard that your family is in possession of mystical well and mystical animals so I came to see for myself. I wonder if that will be okay?”

“Okay, of course it will be okay!” If it was anyone else, Cheng Biyuan would have just ignored, but for the current company, he happily agreed.

Cheng Biyuan accompanied them out of the house but Cheng Xiao Xiao stayed behind.

Approximately one hour later they finally returned, chatting and laughing. Cheng Xiao Xiao nonetheless noticed the surprised look that Zhu Bo had failed to cover up entirely. Obviously, he was still surprised by what he had just seen.

From Cheng Xiao Xiao’s perspective, the more surprised he was, the better it would be for her. She couldn’t help but smiled slightly.

“Looks like Miss Cheng is in a pleasant mood!”

Meeting Zho Bo’s look, Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled and nodded, “You mean, everybody is in quite a good mood!”


Zhu Bo let out a hearty laugh. Indeed, he was in a good mood. Thinking about the fact that the four powers all stumbled in front of the Cheng’s just not too long ago, but he was able to win the Cheng’s hospitality, how could he not be happy?

And he wasn’t the only one. Even Deacon Bai, Deacon Lin, and Innkeeper Zhu were equally happy. Afterall, being able to negotiate a long time deal with the Cheng’s would earn them all handsome bonuses. And that was part of the reason they were so happy!

“There was nothing special about this place before, but after Mr. Cheng’s transformation, this place might just become the sacred land that everybody yearn for. Such an amazing place indeed!”

Cheng Biyuan smiled and nodded. Then said humbly, “Young lord is teasing. These kind of small places, we are just trying to transform it to make it more comfortable for our family is all!”

“Master Cheng. I am very serious when I said that!” Slowly, Zhu Bo’s smile gave way to a more serious look, “Generally speaking, this place might be a bit inferior to the locations of all other powers’ locations; however, even those this place is a bit on the remote side, but the surroundings are nice. It is surrounded by a lot of mountains. Specifically the one on the eastern side, there are a lot o vicious beasts hidden in there, those will all become the Cheng’s resources.

“In addition, the Cheng’s possesses a endless mystical spring. You can produce an unlimited amount of mystical beasts, mystical crops, and mystical herbs. Basically all the items that are well sought after. This is another big resource for the Cheng’s. Just these factors alone, nobody can stop the Cheng’s from rising up.

Not to mention that master Cheng already own a group of mystical beasts and you are actively recruiting disciples. It is just a matter of time before you start your own sect. Who would are to look down on this place in the future? In my humble opinion, in the next few years, the Cheng’s will continue to grow in both power and status and become a very major player in this land. Even the most elite One Clan, One Hall, One Palace, One Valley would not look down at this place.”

After his analysis, everybody there was moved. Even the way Cheng Xiao Xiao was looking at him has changed. As for the men that he brought with him, there was an incredible amount of envy along with fear and respect. After all, for most others, it will take generations to become one of the most powerful families, if at all. Yet the Cheng’s will be able to accomplish that in merely a few dozen years.

“Young lord is exaggerating. We won’t be able to accomplish that, just want to make a living is all. You lord is just teasing us!” said Cheng Biyuan lightly as he shook his head.


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  1. Maybe he said all that just as a warning to them to be careful....human is a greedy creature after all. who knows, maybe they will in some interesting encounter later on~ ┐(´д`)┌