Monday, June 24, 2019

TWQQF ch 106 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (19)

“It wasn’t our fault that he was injured!” said Ning Xunzong, displeased. “It was the Cheng’s who injured him. He should be mad at them. Let me put it this way, if we don’t inform him of the three geezers’ plan, wouldn’t he be more upset at once he finds out?”

“We can just pretend that we don’t know about it either. You want to report to him you can go by yourself!” replied shi xiong Zhou impatiently.

Ning Xunzong, who was just about to say something else, kept his mouth shut. He had always listened to shi xiong Zhou’s words and never thought about disagreeing with him.

Shi xiong Gu could tell that Ning Xunzong hadn’t quite figured it out yet so he explained to him explicitly, “Shi di Ning, you are aware that our associate dean will be rushing over to Willow soon, right?”

“Yeah, I have heard about that,” nodded Ning Xunzong, and still baffled, “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Nonsense, it has everything to do with everything!” Even shi xiong Gu almost lost his temper, grudgingly he explained, “Don’t you know how much the Cheng’s hate School of Divine Condor. Not even instructor Mu was able to accomplishment anything. What do you think he could do if you report that to him now? You think he could forbid the three elders from going to Willow?

“And if instructor Mu don’t have the power to stop the three from going. Then our informing him of it would just be like adding fuel to fire. And he’d displace his anger to us. Now we are just asking for it. Do you get it now?”

His simple yet straightforward words finally let Ning Xunzong knew to not be an idiot about this. But he wasn’t ready to give up just yet, “What happens if they were really able to get inside Willow tomorrow?”

“What can we do? It’s not like we can stop them. Not to mentioned that those from Lai Yue Inn had already had dealings with the Cheng’s and purchased their mystical animals. What’s the point of being anxious now?”

Naturally they have all heard of the heated discussion out on the streets. The more Ning Xunzong thought about, the more he couldn’t just let it go to rest. Gritted his teeth, he said, “Shi xiong Zhou, shi xiong Gu, how about this? Why don’t we follow behind the three geezers tomorrow and see if they are able to get into Willow? What do you think?”

“Follow them secretly?”

“And you don’t think they’d notice with their level of cultivation?”

Both of them rolled their eyes at Ning Xunzong’s suggestion.

“We know the way to go there too. We can follow from afar. I am not suggesting for us to go with them. We just want to see whether they will be able to get inside of Willow!”

Ning Xunzong’s eyes sparked and he let on an odd smile and said, “And if they were able to get through, we can secretly follow them in also. We an see if any of the Willow villagers can be of use to us. And if they can….”

His words have finally piqued the interest of the other two. They exchanged the look and saw the excitement in each others’ eyes. Shi xiong Zhou couldn’t help but nodded, “Yeah, all we need to do is to follow from a distance and not alert them. As for going inside Willow…”

Shi xiong Zhou, the Willow villagers are probably quite close with the Cheng’s. Nothing wrong for us to get close to them!” smiled shi xiong Gu brightly.

“You are exactly right!” smiled shi xiong Zhou, his eyes sparkling, “I say we go prepared. Shi di Ning, you too. Remember to bring plenty of cash!”

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