Friday, June 14, 2019

TWQQF ch 96 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (9)

“HO HO HO, that’s everyone’s opinion. To each their own!”

Judging that it was the right time to end that topic, Zhu Bo delved into the purpose of his visit, “Master Cheng, Miss Cheng, I trust that you have a pretty good idea why I am here today, so I will be honest. I want to propose a long time deal with the Cheng’s. I am very interested in your mystical spring water and mystical animals. If there’s anything that you need, we can also put that on the table. What do you say?”

“There’s no need to be so formal, young lord,” smiled Cheng Biyuan, “Just as the young lord has said, we have the intention of doing business with the young lord as well. However, we would like to clarify a couple items with the young lord beforehand!”

“Oh? Do tell, master Cheng!”

“First of all, we can provide as much mystical spring water as the young lord would like. But as for the mystical crops and mystical animals, we could only provide half. Other than supplies for ourselves, we also have others to feed. We hope you’d understand!”

“Not a problem!”

Zhu Bo had agreed to the condition without so much as thinking about it. Naturally, he’s very wealthy and could afford everything that the Cheng’s could produce, but being a business man, he was also well aware of the fact that if one gets too greedy, it very well might backfire. Not only would one not get what they want, but it may have unforeseeable negative impacts. As it stands, he would have control of majority of the Cheng’s products, why wouldn’t he be pleased?

“HO HO HO….” Zhu Bo’s agreeable attitude also put Cheng Biyuan in a good mood, “Young lord, I trust that you are aware of our current situation here. Temporarily it is a hassle for us to leave town, yet we have needs for certain items. We wonder if we can solicit the young lord’s help to gather these items and send them here for us?”

“Oh, that will not be difficult at all. Certainly, master Cheng, just give us a list of what you need and I will have someone gather all of them for you. Not a problem at all!”

No matter what their asks were, Zhu Bo want them to him for help. The more help he provides for them, the tighter the bond between them. And that would further solidify their business relationship.

“We have the list already. We will hand it over and trouble your guys then!”

“No problem. Master Cheng, it will be our pleasure!”

“Dad, you and the young lord keep chatting. I want to ask Innkeeper Zhu for a favor!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao interrupted their conversation. But her words piqued Zhu Bo’s curiosity, he couldn’t help but to ask, “Miss Cheng, I am curious what kind of a favor you need ask of Innkeeper Zhu?”

“This may sound silly, young lord. We have recently accepted a few kids from the village into our house to help out with household chores. I was thinking about asking Innkeeper Zhu to give them some pointers!”

“Oh….” Zhu Bo paused for a second and immediately caught on to her meaning. During the last couple of hours, he had noticed that the Cheng’s helpers didn’t observe a lot of rules and etiquettes. He was well aware that the Cheng’s has just started taking off, and couldn’t quite measure up to the well-established families just yet.

 Naturally, to manage a large family, rules are necessary. One couldn’t just let the servants behave freely. He knew full well about these as a young lord.

He thought about it for a minute and understood the situation that the Cheng’s were in. On a certain level it was, indeed, better for the Cheng’s to take in these villagers. But he could see how it got tricky when it came to establishing the level of authority. He couldn’t help but to say, “Miss Cheng, naturally Innkeeper Zhu can help you out some. But, I can send you a specific person to assist you in managing these matters. Of course, when you have no more need of him, you can send him back whenever!”

“Well….” Cheng Xiao Xiao hesitated a bit and nodded. She looked at the three standing behind Zhu Bo. Frankly, the one she had in mind was Innkeeper Zhu. After all, he was the first person that she had worked with and he didn’t strike her as someone deceitful.


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