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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 16.2 - The City Abandoned by God

“I think those zombies came from the palace!” Chen Yun interrupted the two of them, “Look, there’s hand prints from the giant zombie on the ground.”

Qin Luo rushed up the stairs in front of the place, “What are we waiting for? C’mon, beauties, dawg!”

Chen Yun, “Come again? Who are you calling dogs?”


The three of them followed the hand prints and walked further and further inside the palace. They still did not find any words anywhere, but they did see an odd-looking statue in a wide hallway.

The status looked like a giant praying mantis at first glance, but it has the head of a beautiful woman. Underneath the rotund body was four pairs of abdominal appendages. Next to the chest was not a pair of grasping forelegs, but slender, female arms!

“Disgusting!” frowned Qin Luo. “Is this some sort of mystical beasts?”

Chen Yun shook her head, “I have never heard of anything like this before.”

“This is a chu tun!” said You with a disgust on her face. “The legendary beast of cloning!”

“Cloning? What does that mean?” asked Qin Luo, full of curiosity.

“It means making a copy,” explained You. “A chu tun can make a copy of any living organisms.”

“Oh, how does it clone?”

“Through copulation”

“……” Qin Luo was disgusted all over again!

After the hallway, the three walked into a basilica with a crystal ceiling.

In the middle of the basilica was a hole so deep that one couldn’t even see it’s bottom. There were spiral stairs along the wall of the hole leading deep down inside. Coming from the hole were weird banging noises.

It looked like beneath them laid what they came here to look for. Qin Luo was just about to go down before Chen Yun stopped him, “Look, there are drawings on the wall!”

Qin Luo and You turned and looked. Indeed there were drawings on the walls all around them. It had been so long since they were drawn that the colors had faded away, which was why the two of them hadn’t noticed them sooner.

The three of them looked closer at the drawings. The entire wall painted comprised five pictures.

The first one described a good-looking king taking his army left and right and taking over cities after cities, with the defeating countries bowing down to him.

The second one was the king bringing his men with him and capturing all sorts of mystical beasts. Some were giants the height of five to six men; some looked like tyrannosaurs; there were also python like giant snakes with horns. And the chu tun was one of them.

The third one was a inside a giant cave. All sorts of mystical beasts were forced to mate with the chu tun by the humans…

“Oh shit, that king was such a creep!” Qin Luo felt sick from the drawings; Chen Yun blushed next to him; as for You, nobody could see her face….

The fourth ones was the king ordering someone to meld him together with the giant using sorcery, turning him into a giant zombie!

The three of them looked at each other. It’d seem that the giant zombie that they had just slaughtered outside was the king himself.

But whatever happened to the lower half of his body? What happened there?

The three continued to look at the drawings. The fifth one described how an once-defeated opponent of the king attacked his kingdom under the guidance of a god. The king was defeated by the red light from the god and was sealed underground along with the city.


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