Saturday, June 1, 2019

TWQQF ch 82 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (15)

“Alright, you can stop saying that. Didn’t get blackmail them for a large sum back in the days? You can’t be saying that anymore.”

“What do you know! That’s her betrothal gift. How else could I get the to pay that? Have you forgotten how they sent the sedan chair over? Every time I thought about it I want to kill the Cheng’s. How they had humiliated Qin’er!”

Thinking about that, the old madam was speechless. The betrothal gift for her precious daughter was worse than that for a concubine. Of course that had greatly upset her at the time.

“Okay, stop thinking so much. Let’s see what happens in the days to come. Your daughter will always be your daughter. Nobody can change that!”

Luo Zhengde looked at his wife. He understood how she felt. After a moment he said, “Right now too many interesting parties are watching Willow Village. Let’s not go there and take part in this madness. Let’s wait till things settle down a bit before we plan our moves.”

The old madam understand the meaning of her husband’s words. If she wanted to see her daughter, she can’t rush things.

But hearing the words from her husband made her realized that he was only stubborn on the outside but soft on the inside. All said and done, it has more or less been decided that she will be visiting her daughter and grandchildren in the future

Things were more or less settled after their discussion.

Daling Town.

Inside the courtyard of Lai Yue Inn.

A thirty-something man in a brocade robe was sitting at the seat of high status. Deacon Bai, Deacon Lin, and Innkeeper Zhu all stood next to him; there were no seats for them.

He was the young owner of Lai Yue Inn and also the Lord of Green Mountain Manor. He rushed there after receiving the report from Deacon Bai.

After listening to their recount of the incident, the young lord understood that they were late in the game. But he also realized that they lucked out being late in the game; if he would have gone to Willow with those from School of Divine Condor, he wasn’t sure he would have flared any better.

“Good job, every one!” said the young lord to the three, praising them for their work.

“Thank you, young Lord!”

The three of them bowed and said at the same time.

“Speaking of, rumor had it that Cheng Biyuan and his two sons are all beast tamers, but you just told me that the Cheng’s older maiden. What is going on?”

“Well…” said Deacon Bai with a bitter smile, “Young Lord, we didn’t lie to you. We truly confirmed that the older Miss Cheng is the beast tamer. Deacon Bai and I can attest to that. As for whether Cheng Biyuan and his two sons are beast tamers, we can’t guarantee that!”


The young lord frowned, “Theoretically, the others certainly didn’t spread any untruthful words; which leave us with the question that who really is the beast tamer at the Cheng’s. No way the entire family are beast tamers, that’s just ridiculous!”

“Young Lord, we are certain Miss Cheng is the beast tamer!”

After Deacon Bai finished, Deacon Lin nodded in agreement with Deacon Bai.

“Okay, let’s put aside who truly is the beast tamer!” The young lord pondered for a little while and asked again, “What’s it’s like at Willow right now? Were we able to find out what’s going on with the Cheng’s?”

“Reply young Lord, ever since the day those from School of Divine Condor had returned, no matter how many more people we’ve sent, we weren’t able to get close to Willow. There were an unbelievable amount of poisonous snakes surround them and none of our people could get through. Even if they were able to get through the walls of snakes, on the Willow side, it was further guarded by packs of wolves and tigers, each taking one side. It was quite impossible to find out what’s going on with the Cheng’s.” laughed Deacon Bai bitterly.


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