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TWQQF ch 290 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (3)

But after he listened to Cheng Xiao Xiao’s reasoning, he nodded in agreement. Afterall, if this was one way to collect mystical stones, why the hell not?

Especially once he heard that there would be an award waiting for him after the assignment; he was so excited that he even decided to forego breakfast. Receiving a bunch of bamboo sticks  the sisters Yesu and Yecao, he took off from the Cheng’s right away and immediately found a location to set up the roadblock.

Naturally, his reasoning was the same as everyone had found out. They have to pay to get in, they were free to leave if they didn’t want to pay. He was extremely adamant about that.

Even the last few entities that arrived were stopped at the roadblock. After they’ve found out about the Cheng’s ask, they weren’t sure how to react to that. They felt that was quite a rude way to conduct business.

When young master Zhu Xiangyu found out about it, he applauded Cheng Xiao Xiao’s way of business immediately. They were making a boat load of money before the auction had even started! Their way of conducting business was unrivaled by even Green Mountain Manor.

After he was done appreciating her business acumen, he started to cool down and something else has occurred to him. If the Cheng’s were willing to pull something like this, they would not need to rely on his family for anything in the future. It would get harder and hard to do business with them.

Even when they have some needs for them here and there right now, they were already difficult to deal with; he could only imagine what it would be like in the future….

Thinking about the crafty Cheng Xiao Xiao, Zhu Xiangyu felt that she would be difficult to deal with. Not to mention that there were a lot of mysteries surrounding her, and nobody would figure her out!

Even though words had it that she was very hands off in the Cheng’s business, after the last few encounters with them, he dare not underestimate her in any way. Quite contrarily, he wanted to find out her secret ways more and more.

His eyes beamed with confident all over again and he ordered his subordinate to pay the mystical stone quickly so they could be on their merry way to Willows.

While the drama was unfolding on the way to Willows, far away at the School of Divine Condor, a few instructors and four associate deans appeared in front of the dean’s hall.

After a while!

The closed door opened slowly and a family silhouette appeared. Following that, an aura that was enough to cover heaven and earth came straight at them.

They dare not be slow in greeting him. All of them bowed at the same time and said, “Greetings, Dean.”

“Okay, no need to be so polite!”

The dean, in his pale white color robe, waved at them. After they straightened up, the dean frowned disgruntledly and everybody was worried.

“You are all planning to come with me?”

Apparently, the dean wasn’t planning on taking everyone with him. They exchanged looks with each other and nobody wanted to back out.

Nobody wanted to give up on the rare opportunity to go on a mission with the dean.

If they could travel with the dean and he grew fond of them, even if he didn’t take them as his disciples, just a few pointers from him would be of immense value.

An opportunity like this would only present itself once every dozens of year; only an idiot would pass up on it.

Nobody said a word for a while.

Naturally, the dean could see through them all. He chastised them in discontent, “When I asked you to go, nobody wanted to. Now that you have made a mess out of everything, and….

“So is this how it is going to be? Nobody cares about what is going on with the school anymore? Is that how you show your dedication? How do you propose to manage the school like this?”


None of them dare say a word and the dean was done wasting his time to say any more. He named them out directly, “Associate Dean Jing, Qi Baiyan, Gu Wu, the three of you will accompany me to pay Count Chong Yuan a visit. The rest of you are staying behind!”

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