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TWQQF ch 289 - Mandatory Fees; The Cheng's Were Strong (2)

“Yes, Young Master!”

Thinking of his new backing, and that he was from the Pillar’s Clan of Mystical Sword, Gu Junxian wanted to look up and laugh loudly into the sky.

From now on, he no longer need to go fight for table scraps with those at the School of Divine Condor. Once he get to the Clan of Mystical Swords, anything awarded to him by his master would beat what he could have gotten at the School of Divine Condor over the span of years.

The entire family followed behind the man in black as they headed toward the Cheng’s.

In addition to the Gu’s, there were members from other families, members of the Top Nine Sects, individual cultivators from all over the country. The road leading to Willows was filled with men and horses, cacophony of noises and heads could be seen and heard from miles away. Anyone who didn’t know any better would think some serious event had taken place here!

When they were half way to the Cheng’s the road to Willows was blocked and a long line was formed. All of a sudden, the procession came to a grinding halt.

“What happened? Why can’t we go inside?”

“Didn’t they say today is the day they will be selling mystical water and animals? Why wouldn’t they let us in?”

“What are the Cheng’s up to? Why didn’t they let us through?”

“It seems there will be a fee to get through!”

“What? A fee? Are the Cheng’s bandits now?”

“It’s not that you can’t go in; it’s that you have to pay the cost of one mystical stone in order to get in. Otherwise, nobody can go in?”

“Why? Are those from Willow trying to rob us all?”

As the disgruntledness increased, disturbance spread on the road. All sorts of shouting and cursing could be heard.

At that moment, someone who were in the knows stepped up and said, “It’s not robbery. They have made it abundantly clear: anyone who wish to participate in the auction must have the Cheng’s bamboo stick. And only those with a bamboo stick will be allowed in. Of course, if any misfortune happened during the auction, they could also seek the help of the Cheng’s to settle the matters.”


“That’s not a bad thing, but really, one mystical stone? That’s highway robbery!”

“Oh c’mon, old buddy, you can’t really say that. Everybody is here to participate at the Cheng’s auction. Naturally, everybody has some resources on them. If you can’t even afford one mystical stone, what are you there?”

“Exactly, we caught wind that the Cheng’s had prepared quite a bit of food and beverages, and all of them have mystical properties. It’s only normal that they charge a nominal fee for participation!”

“Exactly! Exactly! They weren’t asking for a lot, really!”

“I wish I am there already! Aiya, what’s taking so long!”


Cacophony of noises from up and down the road. Slowly, even the last to arrive found out what was going  on. Most of the attendees found it acceptable, a few frugal ones were still cursing softly to themselves. Granted, none of them dare to make a scene. Rumor had it that there was a martial emperor who refused to pay and was sent flying by the Cheng’s elder. He flew so far away that he has yet to return and nobody knew of his whereabouts!

Indeed, the one there maintaining the order was Old Man Ying.

As soon as he woke up this morning he got the assignment from Cheng Xiao Xiao – to set up a roadblock somewhere along the road leading to their house.

Anyone who wanted to enter the Cheng’s at Willows would need to pay one mystical stone each.

The reason she gave was that the peasants at Qing’an Province were too poor and could use some donations. One mystical stones should be nothing to these people.

When he found out about the assignment, his first thought was that she had gone insane. That wasn’t the way to even rob anyone.

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