Saturday, December 28, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 70 - World Treasure (3)

“Yes, I did. Your disciple trusts that her master will become the number one guru among apothecaries and doctors!” said Gu Ye in a tone as though she was placating a child to calm down the old man. If he continued with his elevated state, he really might have a stroke.

“Shit!” The sage apothecary was so angry that he was spewing out cuss words. “I am a sage apothecary. Would I take the herbal encyclopedia from my disciple? Are you trying to me?”

Gu Ye paused for a second and, while feeling comforted at this at his character, quickly explained herself, “Master, I think you misunderstood. That was not my intention. As the old adage goes – ‘the best sword to the best hero’. The best treasure would only be utilized to its fullest when it is in the hand of someone who could appreciate it.

“Look at this book. Before your disciple runs into you, she has only been using it as a tool to learn to read; I have only started looking at the pictures to learn to identify herbs after Shopkeeper Qian told me that herbs can be exchanged for money.

“This book would only become a tool that could spread its wings and benefit mankind in the hands of a sage apothecary like yourself. Your disciple is offering this up to her master willingly!”

“No! This is too much of a gift for recognizing your master. I can’t accept it!” In this world, it was customary to give a gift to one’s master when one became his disciple. When the sage apothecary’s first disciple became his disciple, he shared with offered up the secret method of preparing herbs that was passed down in his family. But, when it came to the herbal encyclopedia, even he wouldn’t feel comfortable to accept that as a gift.

“Alright, it’s settled!” The sage apothecary worried that he would not have enough self-discipline and his determination would waver if she tried some more to convince him, so he said to her, “Your master will pass onto your every ounce of his knowledge, you must buckle down yourself. As for this book, you must never let another soul see it. If you need help interpreting anything, your master can help you with it.”

Alright, since her master felt so strongly about it, Gu Ye decided to drop the subject as well. But, nobody knew whether she did that intentionally or not, she had, in many occasions, showed the encyclopedia to her master and sought his help.

Feeling that he had been taking advantage of his disciple, the sage apothecary gave it all that he has when it came to teaching her. And, to Gu Ye’s surprise, she noticed that this little brain of her was quite impressive when it came to learning. No matter how complicated the medicinal or herbal knowledge was, she could memorize them in less than three tries, and fully grasped their implications.

And the sage apothecary definitely felt like he had encountered some unparallel raw talent. A kid with this sort of talent wouldn’t be more than a handful in the whole, wide world. If he must say, perhaps only the Major General of Yian could rival. As the words have it, the Major General started showing his talent at a very young age. He was barely ten and was unrivaled, he joined combat at 13 for the first time and his talent in commanding his troop was better than even the old General. When he was just 15, the old General retired to the backline and handed the troop over to his grandson. Within the short period of 5 years, he had earned himself the name of being undefeatable….

For some odd reasons, whenever her master talked about the Major General of Yian, Gu Ye always saw this icy face in front of her eyes. In her past life, the icy face’s military acumen was unparalleled and won every battled that he had engaged in. Even when it come to solo combat, he was unrivaled. Many would kill to be a part of his troop. Being assigned to his troop, she had never once worried about her safety, which had allowed her to be able to dedicated all her time and focus into development medicines….

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