Tuesday, December 24, 2019

TWQQF ch 284 - Disturbance In The Middle of The Night; Looking For Spontaneous Fun (7)

Granted, that was his personal opinion and he did not share that thought with others.

The disciples and servants of the Cheng’s were supposed to return to bed after the show was over yet there were still hanging around on the outside. The reason behind that? They noticed that the three on the rooftop had no intention to leave just yet.

For some reasons, they felt that something else was going to happen tonight.

Ergo, most of them were still waiting around below except for some of the women. These women were startled and rushed out while Old Man Ying had his breakthrough.

After returning to his closed quarters, Cheng Biyuan took his daughter’s advice and absorbed the snow ginseng. The rich and concentrated medicinal quality of the snow ginseng made his entire body felt relaxed. More and more mystical qi rushed into his dantian and filled it to the brim in no time. His meridian all the more filled up by the violent and thick mystical qi and quickly converted them into qi!

As soon as his body absorbed all of its medicinal quality, he immediately felt that his cultivation level had reached mid level martial spiritualist. He was at the brim of breaking through to advanced level, but even so, he was already shocked and pleasantly surprised by the effect of the snow ginseng.

He quickly suppressed his emotion; as this was not the end, but just the beginning.

Quickly he reached for the water bottle given to him by his daughter. He had mystical water from the dimension in the past, so as soon as he twisted open the water bottle, he knew instantly that this was not the same as the one he had before. He knew they were different from the smell alone.

Other than thick smell of mystical qi, he could also detect a changing sense of hot and cold.

He had no idea what was inside, but one thing he knew for sure was that his daughter would always have his best interest in mind.

The cool-headed and rational Cheng Biyuan took a deep breath before he downed the entire bottle of water in one shot!


The mighty mystical qi from the mystical water flowed like a rapid ravine, through Cheng Biyuan’s throat and poured into his body. He heard a loud BOOM and his entire body glowed like a red, hot iron!

He felt that his body was burning up more and more. He was experiencing an excruciating pain along with the burning sensation. That’s how one would feel when one’s meridians were being transformed by being destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. The pain made him frowned deeply, but he willed himself to carry on.

Cheng Biyuan remembered clearly what his daughter had told him – as long as you could hang in there till the end, the reward at the end will surprise you!


Suddenly, he heard a series of snapping noises coming from his meridian. The meridians that were fully extended by the mystical qi started to split open. And his dantian was completely filled with wild mystical qi.

Strands of lava coursing through his body and setting him on fire.

If it was anyone else, they would probably have given up by now; yet Cheng Biyuan remained calm. Fighting the burning sensation, he recited the mantra.

Slowly, gradually, he entered into a mindless state.

At this very moment, a cold, frigid white steam exuded from his body and spread inside the closed room.

The coldness filled the room, Cheng Biyuan now experienced both heat and cold at the same time, but he refused to give up.

He ignored everything else other than focusing on his mantra.

Yet his body continued to let out cold steam. Just a little bit at the beginning, then gradually became thicker and thicker.

Finally, the entire room was filled by the cold air and his body was drowned in it.


More snapping noises from his meridian and all of them were broken!

“AAARRGGGHHHH!!” cried Cheng Biyuan subconsciously

The splitting of his meridians and dantian made Cheng Biyuan let out angry and painful cries. His entire face was twisted and pea-sized sweat broke out from his entire body.


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