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TWQQF ch 288 - Disturbance In The Middle of The Night; Looking For Spontaneous Fun (11)

“Everything that you buy come to me!” ordered the man in black aggressively in a superior manner. His matter-of-factly way made the Gu’s gritted their teeth in anger, but they dare not show it on their faces.

The man in black seem to have read their mind and continued, “As long as you do your best, and buy all you can from the Cheng’s and give them to me. I will let Gu Junxian stay with me and be my guard.”

A guard is still a servant!

Shouted Gu Junxian in his heart!

The Pillar’s Clan of Magical Sword was a place that has immense draw to him, but he didn’t want to go as a servant.

Now he had a tough choice to make. He could follow the martial emperor in front of him right now and get into Pillar’s Clan of Magical Sword as his servant; or he could give up on the Clan of Magical Sword altogether. In two year-time he would be over 18-year-old, when that time come, it would no longer be a question of whether he should try for the qualifying test to get in, he would be completely disqualified due to his age.

Gu Gaoyi understood what was going through his son’s mind. He wanted his son to get into the Clan of Magical Sword as well, but it was difficult for him to let his son go and become someone else’s servant for that purpose.

But, at the end of the day, it was Gu Junxian’s life and his decision.

Whatever he decided on, as long as it was his own decision, he would just be a supportive father.

The man in black didn’t rush him. He still maintained his cold appearance as though he didn’t notice Gu Junxian’s struggle on his face at all. He just waited quietly for him to make a decision.

After a long while, Gu Junxian’s complicated look turned into determination. He gritted his teeth and said with a deep voice, “I will do it. I will serve you, if you will just let me have one ask!”

“What is it?” asked the man in black as he casted him a glance, coldly.

Gu Junxian took a look at his parents before he turned and said to the man in front of him with the most serious tone he could muster, “I ask Young Master to please protect my family, and not let them bullied by other familys!”

The Gu’s husband and wife looked emotional and comforted; they knew their son was doing this for the family. At the same time, their last shred of concern dissipated.

Even Yan Qingqing who looked unwilling and unreconciled, upon hearing her son’s words, realized that she would not be able to stop him. Not to mention that it was not her place to speak in front of the man in black. She couldn’t stop him even if she had wanted to.

Now she had no choice but just to watch him become someone else’s servant.

“That will be fine!” said the man in black coldly and nonchalantly as his look swept through their entire family.

“And…” said Gu Junxian again. Immediately coldness exuded from the man in black’s eyes and they gave Gu Junxian goosebumps. Yet he stubbornly continued, “I ask my Young Master to please help us suppress the Cheng’s for us when we are there!”

“Suppress the Cheng’s? You want me to take on several hundreds of mystical beasts?”

The man in black’s tone was chilling and he didn’t even bother hiding his intent to kill in his eyes. That made Gu Gaoyi worried right away.

Was it truly a good thing that his son would be serving someone so emotional?

Gu Junxian understood that the man in black was upset, but he wasn’t going to give up. He continued, “Young Master, I am not ask for you to take care of the Cheng’s mystical beasts, but to protect me in front of the Cheng’s.”


The man in black hrmphed, “Nobody would be able to take me on, not even anyone from the Top Nine Sects, let alone the so-called Cheng’s!”

“Yes, thank you, Young Master!” Excited, Gu Junxian thanked him right away.

The man in black had no intention to waste more time to talk about this. He turned and headed out of the room as he commanded, “It’s getting, what are we waiting for?” 

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  1. So, we'll be getting a new servant for the Cheng's, huh? How nice of Gu's to come and deliver him personally. They really deserve to have their heads chopped off afterwards. Not sure why Xiao Xiao didn't do it in the first place, though, she's a moron for not doing it then, and if she still lets them go after this, then she deserves to die.