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TWQQF ch 285 - Disturbance In The Middle of The Night; Looking For Spontaneous Fun (8)

In the world of cultivators, there were differences between geniuses and an average person. Whether someone could succeed in cultivating depended all on the composition of their bodies and meridians. A genius’s meridians were much more wider and elastic that those of a normal person. When they attempt to break through, the mystical qi would not come close to the limit of their meridians, so they faced no dangers at all.

Cheng Biyuan had always been a genius. When he was young, breaking through to him was like a walk in the park, which was how he became a brilliant martial spiritualist at the young age of 10.

Geniuses need not worry about issues such as bottleneck the like. When they breakthrough, the limit of their meridians were not reached; not to mention that their meridians and dantian would expand even more after their breakthrough so, once again, their limitations would not be reached at the next breakthrough. This was to say that the meridians that one was born with was very important, such was the difference between a talented and a not talented person.

At that time, Cheng Biyuan most definitely was one of the top geniuses.

It was safe to say that back then, his body type and meridians were of the very best. But when he was destroyed by someone’s malicious intent, his body type and meridians were also altered completely along with losing all of his cultivation.

After the drop of his cultivation, it was but a distant dream for him to have another breakthrough. Unless he spent a few years to nourish his meridians with mystical qi and increases their strength and width, otherwise, the dangers he faced would be far too great during a breakthrough.

The purpose of him drinking the mystical concoction was to retransform his body type and meridians. They must be completely destroyed before the best meridians could be formed.

Cheng Biyuan’s meridians were repeatedly destroyed and reformed, increasing in both elasticity and strength at a pace that was observable with one’s naked eyes.


Suddenly, above the roof top of the main building, a giant mystical qi spiral formed from all the mystical qi that has been gathering.

Sure enough!

Old Man Ying and Zhou Jinjiang immediately detected this unusual mystical qi.

Cheng Xiao Xiao broke into a smile and a happy look appeared on her when she witnessed this.

Cheng Biyuan, situated inside the locked room was enveloped by this vast and pure mystical qi. Streams and streams of mystical qi, like small creeks, slowly coursed through his body. These mystical qi made his body felt very comfortable. They melted into his meridians and nourished his body and meridians and the sensation of both coldness and heat were all gone.

The width of his meridians and dantian had increased abruptly; the overfilled mystical qi turned into small streams again within his meridians.

Slowly, they turned back into mighty qi and spread explosively.


All of a sudden, qi brust out of his room and Zhou Jinjiang couldn’t help but cried out in astonishment, “Oh my god! It seems the Lord has reached advanced level martial spiritualist!”

As far as he was concerned, it was incredulous to have gone from beginner level to advanced level martial spiritualist in one sitting. Yet it was happening in front of his very own eyes.

Everybody at the Cheng’s exclaimed all over again.

“It’s the house master! House master is having a break through too!”

“That’s too incredible! How did so many people have breakthroughs all on the same night?!”

“Do you think house master can breakthrough to martial king?”

“Yes, most definitely!”

“We are gaining more and more expert martial artists in our house!”


The disciples and the servants of the Cheng’s continued with their discussion below. The three on the rooftop looked on quietly.

At this very moment, Cheng Biyuan opened his eyes inside his locked room. He noticed immediately that he had achieved advanced-level martial spiritualist. Most importantly, one could describe the qi within him as a strong wave.

Yet something seemed to be missing to push him over the hump!

He had already consumed two out of the three items given to him by his daughter. Now there was only one left.

Cheng Biyuan pulled out the very last item – the fiery fruit. A hint of a smile appeared on him. His daughter had surely calculated each of his breakthrough to the very last details. Even missing one of the times he would not be able to reach the martial king level.

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