Monday, October 28, 2019

TWQQF ch 243 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (12)

Yet it has happened. If he valued Cheng Xiao Xiao before now due to her status as a master beast tamer, then now he had completely looked at her as a mysterious person.

He had a feeling that she wasn’t merely just a master beast tamer!

She had a weird fan that could enlarge and shrink at will; she had strange vines that could elongate and reduce at all. Yet nobody had any ideas what they were.

At this moment in time, Zhu Xiangyu realized how difficult it was going to be to try to figure out the Cheng’s, no, Cheng Xiao Xiao. Almost impossible.

But the more challenging it was, the more it piqued his interest. The harder it was to dig up the secret, the more fun it’d be.

He has been back for a few days now; he should go pay another visit to the maiden Miss Cheng. After all, he had only delivered half of the items he had in hand. Now it’s time to deliver the other half.

Other than Zhu Xiangyu, the Ning’s on the other side, was similar paying a lot of attention to what has been going on with the Cheng’s. They have also caught wind of what had happened at the Cheng’s last night. Surprisingly enough, their speculations were identical to that of Zhu Xiangyu’s!

But, they did not make any moves; or better yet, they dare not make any moves!

Even a martial emperor disappeared in front of the Cheng’s; they were merely martial spiritualist and martial kings, and they didn’t have any death wish!

Cheng Xiao Xiao returned to her resident and casually asked the servants to bring her some food. After she had eaten, she told the sisters Yesu and Yecao that she was going to lock herself up and cultivate, and to not knock on her door unless it was serious matters.

Yesu and Yecao took her order to heart!

Back in the dimension!

Cheng Xiao Xiao witnessed the vicious battle between man and beasts. Her eyes brightened and she stared intently at the battle!

The mystical beasts fought Ying Ziliang with no regards to their own lives (granted, their lives were not in danger this time). Mainly this was aim to improve fighting ability of the mystical beasts through Ying Ziliang. After all, these mystical beasts had never been through any battles, so naturally they didn’t have much experience. Right now they were finally able to compensate for that deficiency.

She didn’t think little Yuteng would have already arranged for that in barely half a day’s time.

Roars after roars, it didn’t matter that they were sent flying repeatedly. They kept charging back at Ying Ziliang like bugs toward light.

Deep down inside, the mystical beasts were still blood thirty beasts. Especially when they were in a battle like this; they get more and more courageous as time passed. They had no intention of giving up.

Standing under the crystal-fruit tree, Cheng Xiao Xiao looked on for a bit before she told little Yuteng to set up a parameter for her so she could cultivate without being distracted by the noises.

Sitting down cross legged, little Yuteng handed a water bottle over to her. Inside the bottle was not just one, but three different kind of type of waters – mystical water, frigid water, and blazing water.

All three types were extremely rare waters. If Cheng Xiao Xiao wanted to continue increasing her cultivation level, the mantra alone wasn’t going to be enough; she also needed to strengthen the meridians inside her body.

She didn’t drink these waters right away. She needed to practice her mantra first and only drank them when the time was right.

After she was in a trance, little Yuteng flew over and sat on top of the crystal fruit tree. She zoned out while looking at the water bottle. As she was the one who created the mixture, she had a pretty good idea about its effect. She also knew full well that most normal person would not be able to handle that at all.

Especially someone merely at the level of a martial master, they would experience agonizing pain upon drinking this concoction. If they could make it, it would certain be very beneficial, and if they couldn’t…

No, she would never let anything happen to her!

Little Yuteng began collecting qi all over again. After pulling them into threads upon threads of mystical qi, she once again directed them to enter Cheng Xiao Xiao’s body.

The Cheng’s has learned that Cheng Xiao Xiao had begun cultivating behind closed doors from Yesu.


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  1. Last chapter? (according to Novelupdates)

    1. Doesn't seem like it. I read a couple chapters before stopping, since according to NU it was close to being completed. Was going to binge it all at once. However, these chapters are split into... well, at least 12 pieces (this one at least). Just found out myself that it seems like it won't be finished for a long time.

    2. That was the Chinese raw chapter #. The author's chapter length was not consistent, some chapters have up to 20K words, so they are split differently.