Tuesday, October 8, 2019

TWQQF ch 222 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (7)

Just only the aforementioned mystical beasts were enough to annihilate an entire sect, let along….

All the ones that had ideas dare not utter another word any more.

“Sect Master, are you saying that all we can do is to sit on our hands and watch?”

His words was full of unfulfilled desired and unreconciled feelings. Everybody wants the treasures, but one must have the ability to claim them.

Another elder said, “Alternatively, we can report up to the four top powers and see what kind of actions they will take?”

“We can also reach out to the other sects and see how they want to proceed?”

“Yes! We can form an alliance and then head toward Willow Village to check it out!”

“Sect master, we already have someone stationed at Willow, we have an edge than the others!”


Everybody had lots of ideas and nobody want to give it up.

“I don’t see any reason to report to the four top powers; whether they are involved or not, it won’t gain us anything. Not to mention that they certain have a pretty good idea of what is going on out there.”

The sect master thought about it for a bit and expressed his own opinion, “We may be able to mention the idea of an alliance in a subtle manner, but we don’t want to take the lead on it. If someone else wants the leader role, we will hand it over happily!”

“Sect master, why would we want to do that?”

“Oh?” The sect master looked straight at him with a deep look and asked, “And why not? What is your reasoning behind your statement?”

“Ugh….” Being looked at like that by the sect master, the person immediately started breaking out into cold sweat and dare not share his reasonings.

“Remember, the Cheng’s are no easy target. If we want to be a part of the action, we better not cross the line. The Cheng’s had sent out words that they will be selling their mystical animals and spring water in a month and a half. The alliance should get into the action. It’s best I we can trade with them!”

“This, Sect master, we might be able to trade with them once or twice. But in a long run, I am not sure we will be able to sustain that. About this issue….”

“You are overthinking it!” The sect master cut him off. With a sarcastic look in his eyes, he said, “In a long run? So many things happen everyday and lots of accidents. Who can be sure of what the future holds?”

Before they could say anything else, the sect master waved his hand and said, “That’s all I have to say. Elder Xue, you take charge of the alliance matters. I trust that the other sects have caught wind by now. They will be acting soon!”

“Yes, Sect master!”


An order from the sect master and the elders dispersed one by one. As for what was going on in the minds of these individuals, he couldn’t care less.

Inside a small town somewhere!

Inside a room of an inn, a man in his power suit fetched out a leader water bottle. His expression a bit hesitant, as though he was debating about some tough decisions.

The time of one incense, two, then three had passed. As time passed, it was the late evening (between 7 to 9 PM), his undecisive look became more and more decision, a spark of madness could be seen in his eyes.

He twisted open the bottle, a strong aroma of qi came from the water in the bottle. He took a deep breathe immediately and he looked pleasantly surprise. Just when he was about to drink it, a strong qi came from the room next to him.

In the next minute, the locked door was shocked pen by the qi. And immediately after that, an old man in a grey robe flashed inside. Before the man even knew what had happened, the bottle in his hand was sent flying.

The series of actions didn’t allow the young man to react at all. When he recovered from his shock, the unknown old man looked deeply shocked and then looked again at the stunned young man.


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