Tuesday, October 1, 2019

TWQQF ch 214 - Moving Into The New Resident; Bending The Will of Heaven (17)

Gong Zixuan smiled. Looking at the person in front of her, she said, “If shi xiong Mo would like one of these for himself, I’m afraid you’d need to seek out a certain person. If you can find her, it’d be much easier for you to get one from her or find out the story behind it!”

“Oh? Who is it? Does shi mei know her?” That had piqued Mo Xuanzun’s interest. He had always been interested in anything weird. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it’s something he had never seen before, he’d want to learn all about it.

“Of course I know her, would shi xiong like to go look for her?” Gong Zixuan answered him with a question.

“Yes, yes, of course! I must go find out all about this vine!”

Mo Xuanzun nodded and his eyes lingered on the vine, “This thing is so strange. It has the texture of jade, the vine itself is live-like. I pride myself for reading a lot of books in my lifetime, but I have never heard of anything like this before. I must go find out more about it.”

Shi xiong, other than the fact that it seems life-like, there are more to it than that!”

As she was saying that, she retrieved the vine from him and casually waved it at a fake mountain behind the kiosk.


A loud noise and debris and dust filled the air immediately, as though someone had blown it up with their qi.

Seeing that, Mo Xuanzun’s face was full of surprises. He looked at the vine in her hand again and cried out with urgency, “Shi mei Gong, was that really done by this vine?”

“Of course, would I lie to my shi xiong?”

“Good stuff, good stuff. This is indeed a real treasure!” Mo Xuanzun was in love with it, “Shi mei Gong, you must tell me quickly who it was. I will go seek her out immediately!”

“If shi xiong wants to look for her, then you must head to Qing’an Province in Dafeng. There’s a village by the name of Willow. Once you’ve arrived there, look for a girl named Cheng Xiao Xiao, she was the one who gave me this vine.”

“Dafeng? Willow? Cheng Xiao Xiao?”

Hearing those three terms, Mo Xuanzun frowned and said, “Haven’t I heard about those before in the past? I seemed to recall something about a mystical well and mystical beasts. How could it be possible that a place like Dafeng would have something like that in their possession? Is that really possible?”

Shi xiong Mo, you haven’t gone yet, how’d you know if it’s true?”

Gong Zixuan smiled with one hand over her mouth, “Alternatively, you can work your calculations. I trust that there’s nothing in this whole wild world that you couldn’t figure out with your calculations, right?”

“Not necessarily!” Recalling what he wasn’t able to calculate, he smiled with embarrassment. “Okay, let me try to do some calculations on this Cheng Xiao Xiao of Dafeng!”

Upon saying that, he started with his calculations. As time passed, his looked more and more stumped and disturbed.

This was the very first time Gong Zixuan saw this expression on the usually fairly confident Mo Xuanzun. She was genuinely surprised.

What she didn’t know was that this was already the second time. She just wasn’t there for the first time.

After one-incense time, Mo Xuanzun stopped with his calculations. After he zoned out for a while, he mumbled to himself, “How is that possible? How is that possible? I couldn’t figure it out. What, what is going on? I couldn’t figure her out, and I couldn’t figure her out. I couldn’t figure either one of them out. The two of them are related somehow?”

“No, no, that’s not possible. Both of them have some sort of ties to me somehow? No, no, that’s not possible!”

Gong Zixuan was dumbfounded. She wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but judging by his look and his words, she figured that something must have happened.

Shi xiong Mo, did something happen on your trip?”

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