Thursday, October 17, 2019

TWQQF ch 231 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (16)

“What scoundrel was sneaking around here?!” said Zhou Jinjiang sarcastically.

“How dare you!”

An angry cry from the old man and a strong qi came from his body. Even Cheng Xiao Xiao inside the dimension could feel the threat of his qi.

No only her, even the other three felt it as well. Tien Fusheng cried out uncontrollably, “A martial king? Oh my god, there really are martial kings?”

“Nonsense, you think there aren’t any of us just because you don’t know about us? If you leave now I just might let you live; otherwise, death for all!”

Standing straight up proudly, the old man in grey robe looked almost majestic when he said that. That’s the strength that radiant out naturally from a truly powerful person.

“My name is Cheng Biyuan. Pardon me, I wasn’t aware that senior is paying us a visit!” Cheng Biyuan struggled to speak while fighting the qi from the old man.

“Oh, so you are that Cheng Biyuan kid!”

After hearing his name, the old man in grey gradually reduced his qi. The three of them finally felt a bit of relief.

Cheng Biyuan let out a sigh of relieve secretly. Facing an elite martial artist like the one in front of him was like an ant looking at an elephant – unsurmountable.

Cheng Biyuan brought his emotions back under control quickly and cupped his hands at the old man again, “I am, indeed, Cheng Biyuan. Greetings, senior!”

“Good, good. Now that you are here, I will be frank with you. Everything that belong to you, I am taking them!”


Cheng Biyuan was shocked, as were the other two with him. Observing as a passerby, Cheng Xiao Xiao was angry but wasn’t shocked. It was more or less what she had expected.

“What, you don’t think I will be able to just take what I want?” A vicious voice, a frightful air, mixed with indescribable anger pressed down on them like thousands of mountains.


Immediately, the incredible qi pressed down hard on the three of them. Their faces beet red. Under the pressure created by the old man in grey, none of them could talk even if they wanted to.

Seeing how they look, Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately remembered hat had happened to her in the valley. She was enraged and told little Yuteng, “Use any means you can, we want to keep this man!”

All of her angry had transferred onto this man. Even though she knew full well that they are not the same person, but she was angered by this shameless bandit!

His thunderous voice, along with the qi accompanying it had woken up the entire village.

All the Cheng’s came running out. When they arrived, they saw what they would never forget in their lifetime – an old man high up in the air like some sort of diety; an incredible qi generated by him making Cheng Biyuan and Zhou Jinjiang, the most powerful of them all, stood there motionlessly.

Everybody could tell that the old man in grey was forcing them to drop on their knees.

“Let go of my dad!” shouted Cheng Zheng Yuan angrily!

“Let go of our master!”

“Who are you! Let go of our master and instructor!”

“Let go, didn’t you hear?!”

Even though they were trembling, Cheng Li and the lot were still shouting at the man in the middle of the air! “Oh, all you ants, better shut up now. If you want to die though, I don’t mind taking care of you first!”

A savage and ferocious voice came rumbling down above everyone’s head like thunder.

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  1. OK, another plot armor point.
    Will she:
    A) Miraculously keep him into her domain
    B) Will the pervert from the plans place come over
    C) Will her "sister" from the beast place come over
    Or D) a new "god" enters the fray