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TWQQF ch 230 - Plotted Against By The Relatives; An Attack At Midnight (15)

“Wonderful. Hurry up, Young Mistress, draw!”

The one drawing in the yard was cool and relaxed!

Tian Jiang returned to his place angrily and ran into Tian Feng, who was just about to head out; he completely ignored his brother.

Tian Feng was about to greet his brother but he didn’t expect to be ignored completely. He was curious, who could have upset his arrogant brother so?

“Wench! She’s such a wench! How dare she play games with me? One day, I will have you begging for me for mercy!

“Wench! Just such a wench! Just you wait! I am going to have my ways with you and toss you away; otherwise I wouldn’t be a Tian anymore! That goddamned wench!


The low and angry cussing entered into Tian Feng’s ears; he quickly realized what had upset his brother so. To be able to completely shut out his brother, who had always have his ways with women, this Cheng Xiao Xiao must be a character.

The two brothers had reached an agreement previously; the older Tian Jiang would make his move first, and if he failed, then Tian Feng would proceed. Looked like it’s now time for Tian Feng to make his move.

He thought about the iciness of his cousin Cheng and thought about turning the ice goddess into water. His body started to turn from his thoughts alone and he wanted to jump her right away.

Of course, he’d never just jump onto a woman. One must plot how to get their attention first.

A secretive smile appeared on Tian Feng’s face. Failure was not an option. Rumors had it that she was a master beast tamer, along with that beautiful look of hers, he’d never just fool around with her like his brother said.

He had a change of heart. He want to have her, and never let go!

With cheerful steps, Tian Feng walked out of the courtyard and prepared to make his move on the oldest of maiden Cheng!

It was quiet under the moonlight!

The entire Willow Village was especially quiet; the silver beams from the moon lit up this heaven and earth. Suddenly, a grey silhouette appeared inside this quiet village.

He didn’t slow but head directly toward the foothill of Mt. Wanan!

“Young Mistress, someone is here!”

The voice of little Yuteng interrupted Cheng Xiao Xiao, who was cultivating under the crystal fruit tree.

“Who? Someone from inside the house?” Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately thought of the Tian’s.

Little Yuteng shook her head, “No, they are outsiders. His cultivation level was either apex or junior level martial king. A little bit weaker than the one we have encountered before, but still up there. We might not be his match.”


Cheng Xiao Xiao looked concerned. She remembered clearly that she couldn’t even move in front of the other person. She could only stood there and wait to be instakilled!

Why would someone like that come to their house?

“Quick, let’s observe quietly and find out what it is that he wants!” She had a pretty good guess what he came for; but before she has seen it with her own eyes, she didn’t want to come to that conclusion.


Little Yuteng controlled the dimension and arrived at the roof of the outer house. Luckily, nobody could see the dimension from the outside; nobody would notice them.

The man in grey robe has a superior sense of smell. Merely the smell in the air had led him to the mystical well immediately!

“It was indeed real…”

A low cry but filled with surprise and ecstasy. Immediately he lifted open the well cover and was about to take some of the water.

“Eh? How did someone detect me?”

Three silhouette appeared and came toward the man one after the other.

Inside the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao could tell who they were. The first two were her father and Zhou Jinjiang, and the other one was Tian Fusheng. It looked like they had all detected the appearance of the old man.


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