Sunday, July 14, 2019

TWQQF - First Poll Result

Ask and you shall receive, they say. And who am I to argue with what's in the Bible? I asked, and my readers answered, way exceeded my expectation if I may add. I was thinking about 4 - 7 responses, and those who speak up will decide the fate of the mass, but noooo, I got a total of 40 responses! And I must say that I was genuinely surprised by the result. I felt for sure that English readers would certainly prefer (somewhat meaningful) English name to pingyin, but I couldn't be more wrong.

I have, however, seen some interesting comments. Some readers (alleged ex-reader) asked if I was going to translate character names into English. That would just be odd... why would I do that? What I had in mind were more organization names similar to "Green Mountain Manor". Specifically in this case, I was referring to the 9 top sects.

These were what I was talking about: 

Hushan (Mount Hua)

Wushan (Five Mountains)

Shendong (Divine East)

Xiaoyao (Carefree)

Mingdong (Bright Tunnel)

Bagua (Eight Trigram)

Shengseng (Sacred Monk)

Yuni (Jade Nun)

Wugai (Martial Beggars)

But all my lovely readers just voted to make my life easier by choosing pingyin. :) I want to see if I can push my luck and have a second poll about the reason behind your vote, now that I have hopefully clarified some more on what I meant. Follow this link to vote: Poll #2.

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