Tuesday, July 2, 2019

TWQQF ch 115 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (8)

As truth would have it, they really had no idea what happened. Old man Lin frowned deeply and said unhappily, “Instructor Mu, we don’t know!”

“How is that possible? You…”

“We saved them and brought them back from the middle of the road; we didn’t see who injured them!” Old man Quan’s face darkened. He was displeased that Mu Qingtong, being merely a martial spiritualist, dare to question them.

Old man Ning said heavily, “My three brothers, I trust your words!”

“Ning lao di, we really have no reasons to lie!” Old man Du sighed, and recounted the story of how they had ran into Cheng Xiao Xiao on their way to Willow.

Mu Qingtong was surprised by the fact that they went to Willow, his dark face darkened even more and blurted out, “How could you have gone to Willow?!”

“Watch yourself!”

A strong chi exuded from old man Lin and pressed toward Mu Qingtong. He shouted angrily, “Mu Qingtong, don’t think so highly of yourself just because you are an instructor at School of Divine Condor. Who do you think you are? You think you get to tell me what I can or cannot do? That is ridiculous!”


Chi that could cover the sky and earth steamrolled toward Mu Qingtong making it difficult for him to even breath. He finally understood the difference between a martial spiritualist and a martial king. He was no match to old man Lin.

Luckily that was only old man Lin along, if the three of them would have done that to him at the same time, he would have been in much worse shape.


Mu Qingtong couldn’t control the roiling blood and spit out a mouthful of blood. He was wounded by old man Lin’s chi alone.

“Hrm….” Seeing that he had already given him a lesson, old man Lin finally started to put a stop to his chi. His haughty attitude made it clear that Mu Qingtong was nothing in his eyes.

If he wasn’t part of School of Divine Condor, he would have already been thrown out the door by these old men.

The other three men acted as though they have seen nothing of what had just happened. Slowly, Mu Qingtong lowered his proud head.

Old man Quan took out a water bottle and said, “This is the water gifted to us by Cheng Xiao Xiao of the Cheng’s. We’ve all drank it, the mystical property of these water is 70%. Not the same as water directly from a mystical vein, but for a mystical spring, this quality is already among the top.”

Old man Ning picked up a cup and filled it with mystical spring water. Immediately one could feel mystical air hitting their face and experience a pleasant feeling.

Downing the entire cup of mystical spring water, his sense of tiredness was mostly alleviated. Old man Ning couldn’t help but to sigh, “This is, indeed, good stuff. No wonder they can raise all sorts of mystical animals. Even vicious beasts would turn into mystical beasts over time if they continue to feed them these water.

Old man Lin repeated Cheng Xiao Xiao’s asks.

“What? The Cheng’s won’t be selling until three months from now?” Mu Qingtong couldn’t help but blurted out again.

All the old men ignored him, even Mu Qingtong understood that with their statuses, these old men wouldn’t lie.

Clearly, they wouldn’t be able to enter Willow for three more months. This made the instructor who had rushed over way too early felt unreconciled.

“It doesn’t matter to us. Will you three wait here as well?” It’d seem that old man Ning could accept any kind of news at this point. He wasn’t surprised.

Old man Du frowned and said, “Let me first send a message to the sect and find out their opinion on this. My thought is that since we couldn’t purchase mystical animals, we can just buy lots of mystical spring water. There will be enough mystical spring water for all of us to share!”


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  1. Condor School should just directly change its name to cannon fodder school. XD XD XD