Wednesday, July 10, 2019

TWQQF ch 123 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (16)

“That’s no problem. Xiao Xue, come out!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao waved her arm and a snow leopard appeared out of no where. It was the exact one who had disappeared earlier. Right under their eyes, the snow leopard appeared out of nowhere.

This time the snow leopard did not return to the side of her original owner but stayed obediently by Cheng Xiao Xiao’s side. Her owner had already been switched.

The little book servant was in shock. She first stared blankly at the snow leopard cub that had abandoned her, then, after a long while, turned and looked at her mistress.

Perplexed, she asked, “Mistress, does Miss Cheng know magic?”

 “…….” The scholar beauty looked at the person and the snow leopard in front of her. A twinkle in her eyes, she was silent for a long while.

“Ho, ho, ho….” Laughed Cheng Xiao Xiao lightly, “Miss Jun’er, no matter how I did it, I have tamed Xiao Xue. You can’t have her back, now what?”

Looking at her beloved Xiao Xue, the little book servant felt that her throat choked. She finally believed what Cheng Xiao Xiao had been saying all along, but asked nonetheless, “Are you really a master beast tamer?”

“What do you think?” Smiled Cheng Xiao Xiao, and replied her question with another one.

“Okay, Jun’er, you lost. Since Xiao Xue no longer recognize you as her mistress, you should give up. It looks Like Xiao Xue is quite fond of little sister Xiao Xiao. It’s not a bad idea for her to be with her!” Consoled the scholar beauty, worried that her little handmaid would be heartbroken.

The little book servant bit her lips, she wasn’t quite ready to part with her beloved pet, “Okay, I will gift her to Miss Cheng!”

“I am sorry, Miss Jun’er. If you really don’t want to part with Xiao Xue, I can have her follow you, what do you say?” Even though Cheng Xiao Xiao liked the snow leopard a lot, she didn’t want the little girl to cry either. Afterall, kids can be quite attached to their pets.

Besides, if she really wants to have snow leopards, she can collect them later. No need to take someone’s beloved pet.

The little book servant heard her words and her eyes lit up. But once she saw that the snow leopard had no interest in her at all, she couldn’t explain it, but she felt that the snow leopard no longer belong to her.

After some consideration, the little book servant shook her head and begrudgingly said, “No, you won her fair and square, you can have her!”

“Well then, thank you so much, Miss Jun’er!”

“Who need your thanks? How about you give me some mystical water?”

She lost something that was dear to her, but she didn’t forget to ask for something else that’s important. Cheng Xiao Xiao paused for a second and smiled, “Okay, no problem!” as she casually tossed a leather water bottle toward her.

“That’s better!” The little book servant smiled again.

The scholar beauty, who had just been sitting idly by watching the two, cupped her hands at Cheng Xiao Xiao now and said, “Little sister Xiao Xiao really is a master beast tamer. That was quite an impressive performance!”

“Big sister scholar, that was no big deal!”

Sensing the wall that Cheng Xiao Xiao has put up, the scholar beauty smiled tenderly and said, “I trust that little sister Xiao Xiao had already guessed where we were from? We are from the Palace of Mystical Beasts in the snow mountain!”

Palace of Mystical Beasts!

Having heard that, Cheng Xiao Xiao was still slightly taken aback even though she had a pretty good idea when the little book servant Jun’er slipped earlier and said they were all beast tamers.

Palace of Mystical Beasts was the palace in the epic four One Clan, One Hall, One Palace, One Valley. It was rumored that Palace of Mystical Beasts has the least members, just a dozen or so of them. But each member of Palace of Mystical Beasts was a beast tamer and nobody dare look down on them.


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  1. Oh, maybe she's a kid, automatically 30% less annoying and 80% more cute.


  2. Мне нравится данная новелла, спасибо переводчику за его работу! На счет Пиньина или перевода,то думаю лучше использовать Пиньин,так как иначе может сложно ассоциировать их и разделять.
    Но я очень раздражена на автора за его стиль написания, которое очень легок (что плюс в какой-то мере), но в тоже время не дает описания фона или персонажей, из-за чего местами логика повествования ломается или выглядит убогой. Например, в данной ситуации какая-то служанка предъявляет свои требования к нашей ГГ. Учитывая, что все происходит в альтернативном Древнем Китае, то ее действия довольно грубые, а учитывая попустительство со стороны Ученой, ее хозяйки, говорит о их большом эге и самомнении. Я понимаю, учитывая их статус, в какой-то мере это можно принять, плюс эта Ученая тормозит своего слугу. Но все равно это грубо. Пусть даже наша ГГ сейчас обычная крестьянка,но она свободный человек,в отличии от мисс Джун(слуги Ученой). Плюс Ученый даже не представилась сама,но действует так претензиционно, вызывая ГГ к озеру, как свою слугу, да и еще требует доказать свой статус укротителя зверей без каких-либо пояснений. Это очень неуважительно по отношению к незнакомцу, с которым ты впервые встречаешься. Тем более в Древнем Китае,да и не только, немало уделяли этим церемониям и традициям. И такой персонаж, который вроде должен вызывать умиления, лично у меня вызывает только раздражение гораздо больше, чем те же однобокие злодеи, у которых мотивы их поступков выглядят довольно логичными на фоне этих людей. Тем самым, эта мисс Джун с ее хозяйкой, которые выглядят, как благородные люди, в действительности подобны собакам или свиньям, не имеющим манер и воспитания.
    Но это чисто мое мнение, так как сильно подозреваю, что таких героев мы будем встречать и дальше. А учитывая формат истории и авторский стиль, то многого ожидать себе дороже, да и ничего не изменить. Но буду надеяться,что автор будет улучшать свое письмо в дальнейшем.