Wednesday, March 18, 2020

TWQQF ch 339 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (6)

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The First Elder thought about it for a bit and added, “Okay, perhaps leave one or two that he cares about; otherwise it’d still be problematic if he disobeys us in the future!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

“And you guys, stop focusing only on cultivating and indulging; pay more attention to what was going on in the outside world and be less ignorant!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

All the elders got up and bowed to the First Elder respectfully.


With a twist of his body, he was gone from the hall.

When he reappeared, he has arrived at a building within the forbidden region of the Cheng’s residence.

The First Elder was the only person allowed in this area. Nobody else, including the current Cheng’s Housemaster was allowed to step foot inside here. Anyone who tried to enter this area without permission would be killed on site!

Several younger generations of the Cheng’s had already been killed for this very reason, yet nobody dared say a word. Nobody dared to step on the First Elder’s toes.

He entered into a small building and saw a beautiful woman sitting inside the reception pavilion. She was clothed in light green palace outfit, roughly around 30 or so years old. Her beautiful face still very fair, as though time has no effect on her.

If Cheng Biyuan was here, he’d be shocked. The stunningly beautiful woman sitting right here right now was his mother – Fang Shuyun, the one that has supposedly been beaten to death by his father.

“HOHO, not bad. You looked good today!” said First Elder with a big smile as he walked over and brought her into his arms. His shriveled-up palm running up and down her tender and beautiful face.

Fang Shuyun only sat there like a puppet, showing no reactions to his touch. Even her beautiful eyes were listless, no signs of activities.

“Shuyun, I got more news on your precious son, do you want to hear about it?”

The words “precious son” seemed to have stirred up something in her but quickly she returned back to her original state.

The First Elder did not notice the change in her, his hand had moved onto other parts of her body. He smiled and continued, “Your precious son was quite lucky. Back when all his cultivation was wiped, he was saved by the dean of School of Divine Condor. And now? He was a martial king. He is the son of my precious Shuyun afterall, such incredible talent. HOHOHO…”

Fang Shuyun remained motionlessly like a wooden statue. Yet her fingernails hidden inside her sleeves had dug deep into her palm without being detected.


Calling out her name, the First Elder gripped her chin. He looked intently at her with a smile on his face and said, “Do you know, that precious granddaughter of yours is all grown up too. I’ve heard that she was fond of the youngest genius mathematician of Temple of Divine Plans. That was quite something. I bet she was as stunning as you, how else could she have scored someone from Temple of Divine Plans? Tsk tsk, what a shame. I shouldn’t have let her go way back when. I should have kept her here so both of you could be here to serve me, wouldn’t that be nice, huh? HAHAHAHAHA…”


“Shuyun, how come you are not talking? I thought you love hearing news about your precious son? How come you don’t talk anymore when I tell you about him, hmm? Do you think that now that your son has made it, he will come and save you? Shuyun, I certainly hope you are not that na├»ve. Let me get lay this out for you, everybody thought you are dead, including your precious son. He wouldn’t know you are here, you get that?”




The stoned beauty just listen to him quietly, making no sounds or movements.

After laughing for a quite a while, the smile was gone from the First Elder’s face and replaced with a ferocious look. He stared viciously at her and said, “Shuyun, you belong to me and nobody can take you away from me. Do you hear me? So what if your son is now a martial king? If he dare shows up in front of me, I will squish him like an ant and kill him effortlessly. Hrm!”



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  1. That first elder is such a creep. Ew.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. I'm still curious - why hasn't Xiao Xiao just wiped the cunts known as "Cheng's of the capital" from the face of that world? Is she seriously so brain damaged that she doesn't realize they will NEVER EVER EVER let them be in peace for as long as they live. They've NEVER done that, so why would the EVER do that? You'd have to be retarded to think they'd leave you be, even if you were the emperor.

    1. She's had bigger fish to guard against first, so they were at the bottom of her list of who to take care of since she could probably take care of them at any time. The big sects and the 4 powers were a more pressing issue. Now she just wants to build up her space to deal with any unseen parties.

    2. Just because YOU are a sociopathic murder hobo doesnt mean others are too

    3. Quite agree with others... Killing will not solved everything...