Monday, March 16, 2020

TWQQF ch 338 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (5)

Emperor City Cheng’s!

The Ninth Elder had returned!

Emptied handed. He returned with nothing more than his darkened face!

Before long, all the other elders learned of what had transpired!

Instantly, the entire hall was filled with a scary sense of gloominess, just like the look on everybody’s face.

Never in a million years would they have expected Cheng Xiao Xiao to have get to befriend the genius mathematician of the Temple of Divine Plans. That wasn’t even the most important point; the most important point was that the genius mathematician wanted to marry Cheng Xiao Xiao!

If this happened within the Cheng’s, they would be arranging banquets to celebrate; but now, they weren’t able to feel any joy at all!

Especially Housemaster Cheng and the First Elder. Their faces were that of black and green; it was quite obvious that the rage and anger were at the boiling point and about to spill over.

Yet what good would it do to be angry over it? Now Cheng Biyuan and his family didn’t have to be afraid of them at all. So what if they refused to return? What could they do about them?

It’d be a death wish on their part if they want to antagonize them.

Never mind that they have a martial monarch elder, they couldn’t even afford to offend genius mathematician of Temple of Divine Plans. If they managed to offend genius mathematician of Temple of Divine Plans, they might as well just wait around to be eradicated!

Everything of everything was so unexpected. They no longer stand any chance in controlling Cheng Biyuan and his family, let alone trying to take all of their possessions.

To give up?

But how could they give up something that’s so close yet so far away?

They saw the one that they had banished, tossed out by them. He was able to turn around and be in an even better position than them, with higher status. That was most certainly like a thorn in their sides; how would they even be able to live that down?

After a long while, the housemaster looked up and cupped his hand at the man next to him, “First Elder, what are your thoughts?”


The First Elder, who had his eyes closed this entire time, suddenly opened his eyes and let out a long sigh, “You guys waited too long to act. If you had sent someone to verify the incident when we have first heard the news and summoned Cheng Biyuan and his family back, everything would be different right now.”

“Yes, First Elder, you are right. We have certainly misjudged the situation!” Housemaster Cheng dare not disagree or explain; he had no choice but to admit fault.

He had occupied the role of housemaster for so long all because he had the support of the First Elder; otherwise, his days wouldn’t have gone quite so smoothly. Any minor displeasure from the First Elder stressed him out.

No other elders would dare to be disrespectful to him so long as he has the support of the First Elder. The First Elder was all he ever needed.


The First Elder hrumphed slightly. His look scanned across everyone presence disgruntledly and said, “With the back of someone from Temple of Divine Plans, we can’t go head to head with them. What’s the situation with the Eleventh Elder?”

“A few died, for the time being they are still staying over at the small town in Mocheng Province!”

“And you guys are just going to let him live there like that?”

The First Elder’s voice became even more diabolical, “Get on with it. Keep pushing him toward Qing’an Province. I don’t care if he was the only one left; get him to go to Cheng Biyuan!”

Everybody there shuddered but nobody dared utter a word.

That was because the First Elder was the only martial emperor at the Cheng’s; nobody dared to challenge his authority. Within the Cheng’s, he has the status of an emperor and he had full control of the life and death of everybody within the house.

“Yes, I will make the arrangement right away!” Housemaster Cheng was not bothered by that order at all. He was not concerned about the life or death of Eleventh Elder Cheng Yue’s and his family. As long as they could make good pawns; their life and death were of no importance to him.


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