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TWQQF ch 340 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (7)

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“Talk, why aren’t you talking? You can shout me; you can cry; you can plead with me. Why aren’t you talking? Why? Quick! Say something!”


Nobody could hear the vicious commands from inside the small quarter, but no response ever came.

Cheng’s at Willow Village.

Nobody had gone to disturb Cheng Xiao Xiao after she’d breakfast; that has surprised her. She took the opportunity to flash into the small room that had been repurposed as storage unit and transported more goods from the dimension.

When all were set, Cheng Xiao Xiao went to visit the medicinal herbs growing at the mystical field behind the bamboo forest. She hasn’t been patrolling here very often, but little Yuteng had been taking care of this area so the medicinal herbs had been growing quite well. Not as good as what they would have looked in the dimension, but as good as anyone else could grow them.

While she was surveilling the herb fields, Mo Xuanzun, who was just about to go look for her, was summoned by his formal mother-in-law.

Inside the living room, Mrs. Cheng was quite pleased with Mo Xuanzun’s imposing appearance and elegant mannerism. She couldn’t help but continue to look him up and down.

With a light smile on his face, Mo Xuanzun walked in front of her. He bent over slightly, cupped his hand and greeted her, “Greetings to my mother-in-law, from your son-in-law Mo Xuanzun!”

“You are too polite…” Mrs. Cheng felt a little awkward from the way he addressed her. She turned her gaze and said casually, “Junior Mo, please have a seat!”

“Thank you, mother-in-law!”

Instead of sitting down right away, with a turn of his right wrist, Mo Xuanzun produced an elegant looking small box and smiled, “Mother in law was pretty as usual. I’d like to offer up a bottle of anti-aging dan. I hope that mother in law can keep her youthful look for a long, long time!”

“Anti-aging dan!” Mrs. Cheng was genuinely surprised. Her smile deepened and she nodded, “Why, thank you. That was very thoughtful of you!”

“The pleasure was all mine, mother in law!” Mo Xuanzun cupped his hand at her before he took a seat.

He was attractive; he came from a prestigious background, and he was very polite. Mrs. Cheng was extremely happy with this son in law, “Is your stay comfortable? If you ever need anything, just have one of the servants go and fetch it for you. We don’t have a lot in our house. We hope you don’t mind!”

“You worry too much, mother in law. It is a very comfortable stay!”

“Mmmm….” Mrs. Cheng looking a little more serious now and she asked, “Say, do you have families around?”

“Mother in law, I was an orphan. Luckily my master and his wife always treated me like their own child, so they are my parents!”

Mo Xuanzun replied her question respectfully.

“Oh, I see!” Mrs. Cheng felt compassionate toward him and felt even more fond of him, “And you and Xiao Xiao…”

“Mother in law….” Mo Xuanzun stood up immediately and with the most solemn look, he said, “Mother in law, I have utmost sincerity toward Xiao Xiao. I promise I will take good care of her and make her happy for the rest of her life. I hope to have your approval!”

“I want nothing more than you and Xiao Xiao to be happy. As long as the two of you want to be together, naturally we would not interfere. Xiao Xiao can be stubborn at times and wanted things her way and can be a bit blunt. But she is all talk and inside she’s just a softie. You must take good care of her in the future. Otherwise, I wouldn’t let you get away with it!” said Mrs. Cheng with utter seriousness!

Mo Xuanzun was ecstatic and he replied right away, “Don’t worry, mother in law, I will keep my promises and never ever betray Xiao Xiao. I will live happily ever after with her!”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear. That being said, now that you are staying over at our place, and words about you and Xiao Xiao had spread. I would like to meet your master and his wife as soon as possible to make your betrothal official. I don’t want any rumors about Xiao Xiao going around, do you understand what I am saying?”


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