Thursday, March 26, 2020

TWQQF ch 344 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (1)

“Maiden Cheng, do allow me to explain to you the dire situation we are facing here!”

Grandmaster Wudao took a look at Nun Saochen and carried on, “Not too long ago, we returned to our respective monastery in Lingnan and we brought up the breakthrough of Elder Ying to our other school mates in the monasteries and that we are looking forward to Maiden Cheng figuring out the underlying reason here. This is not only our hope, but the hope of all cultivators on this continent!

“Similarly, Nun Saochen also returned to Yuni Sect and brought this up to the abbesses in her monastery. The two apex martial emperor abbesses were all very happy upon hearing the news. Especially the senior abbess of Yuni Sect, given her age, we speculate she has a few more years left. And there is no guarantee… could be a few years, could be a few months, could even be a few days….

“When a cultivator had reached this point, their lives are no longer in their own hands. At any moment we could depart with unfinished business. Had we not learned about Elder Ying and his breakthrough, we would have given up hopes by now. But we have something to look forward to now and nobody wanted to give up easily. After all, we have been cultivating for so long, we’d all like to breakthrough, so….”

When he got here, Cheng Xiao Xiao completely understood what he was trying to say. The senior abbess of Yuni was already waiting for her time to come behind closed door. But now that she had heard about what happened to Old Man Ying, she no longer wanted to just wait compliantly!

Cheng Xiao Xiao frowned and went silent. Grandmaster Wudao and Nun Saochen exchanged a look; neither one of them dared to distract her.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was actually communicating with little Yuteng at the moment trying to figure out what had happened.

“Young mistress, when it comes to this, I really don’t have a definitive answer. But preliminarily I think it has to do with our dimension. You know how the dimension has the effect of sacred contract when others enter into it? I think that’s the key to releasing them from their original curse and allowing them to breakthrough beyond apex martial emperor level. It may not be just our mystical water and mystical potions!”

“Now that they are all aware of this and asked for my help. What do you think I should do? I can’t possibly collect them all into the dimension. That was probably not a very good idea. Even though our dimension has reached level 60 and have stronger binding ability, perhaps we can bind a few individuals. If we were to bring them in as masses, I worry the binding property will decrease.”

“Young mistress, you mean you worry that once they were able to breakthrough martial emperor, they’d regret and perhaps even kill you to be released from the contract?”

Little Yuteng could communicate with Cheng Xiao Xiao telepathically, it was only natural that she could understand her concerns and immediately pointed it out.

 Cheng Xiao Xiao said helplessly, “Right? I don’t want to hand my life over into the hands of someone else. We’ve got to keep in mind that once they have become martial monarch, they would be even more prideful. How could they stand being our servant? I don’t think so. Maybe one or two we would still be able to keep under control. But then there will be more and more people reaching out to us for help. Then what? Do we help them or do we not? They will all have their own agendas. I don’t want to do all the favors and ended up being killed!

“Little Yuteng, these so-called cultivators aren’t exactly saints. They would do anything for their own benefits. And they are not even a family member of mine. I am not so generous that I will share the secret of my dimension. That’s not showing off that I am all that, that’s just straight up idiotic. Bad idea, definitely bad idea!”

“Young Mistress, you do what you want. So what if we don’t help them? There’s nothing they can do about it!” replied little Yuteng indifferently before she continued, “Oh yeah, the crystal fruits grew some more but still a little ways away to maturing. If young mistress wants to go up on your cultivation level, you probably should wait a little longer; otherwise it might backfire on you and ruined your foundation. Now that we have just levelled up, we are going to need a whole lot more mystical stones if we want to level up again. Just like young mistress said, if we can’t control those people, things just might not work out in our favor.”


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