Wednesday, March 11, 2020

TWQQF ch 335 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (2)

Right now, little Yuteng didn’t have the spare time to pay attention to the protest of the stupid little bear. The hurricane made up of the mystical stones grew bigger and bigger and started stirring up the mystical qi in the dimension to slowly gather around where they were. Standing in front of her mansion, Cheng Xiao Xiao was surprised.

She didn’t think that how little Yuteng was going to level up the dimension this time; she wondered what new discoveries this levelling up would bring about.

As time went on, the mystical qi in the dimension formed into a large white cloud, almost blanketing over the entire dimension.

“SPLIT!” shouted little Yuteng and, with that, the large white cloud instantaneously split into small puffs!

“GO!” As she flung her arms around, the small pieces of white clouds were tossed to every corner of the dimension by little Yuteng.


All of a sudden, the dimension let out a loud rumbling noise and Cheng Xiao Xiao felt the entire ground rocked under her. Peace was restored quickly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao examined her dimension and noticed significant changes. Everything seemed to be different than they were before. What used to be foggy was now clear and crisp.

“The dimension has detected massive amount of mystical qi, which led to a 30% expansion of the dimension’s surface area. Fields, ponds, mystical wells, range, lakes, fruit trees, all expanded along with the dimension. The dimension is now at level 60.”

The system announcement echoed within the entire dimension. Cheng Xiao Xiao paused for a second and broke out into a big smile, “Not bad, went up eight levels. All the efforts was not in vain!”

Little Yuteng, who was still in midair, looks at though it was in a trance. Even the ironed arm bear, who was standing not too far away, also looked like it was in a trance.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was the only one unaffected. Even though she didn’t know what was going on, but she decided to not disturb them and walked slowly toward the crystal fruit tree.

Right now, even the crystal fruit tree was surrounded by very thick mystical qi. The entire tree look even brighter and more sparkly; the glistening leaves and fruits looked even more dazzling.

In that moment, Cheng Xiao Xiao seemed to be able to see the crystal fruits grow with her naked eyes. She couldn’t help but to be amazed by it all.

After observing that for a while, she smiled and walked over to the bottom of the crystal fruit tree and sat down with her legs crossed, preparing to cultivate.

Not a sound was heard in the entire dimension.

The brand new guye of the Cheng’s moved into the newly prepared guest quarter in the main building. He only kept two of the houseboys to help with the cleaning and spent the rest away. He did not need to be waited on hands and feet.

After he sent the two houseboys out, he squinted his narrow eyes and examined Xiao He, who had just returned, as though he wanted to see whether something was different about it.


The little immortal crane complained disgruntledly. It turned it’s proud head to one side and ignored it’s owner’s look.

After examining it for a quite a while, Mo Xuanzun reached out and knocked on the back of it’s head with his knuckle and asked, “Do you know what that little human was?”


The little immortal crane let out a couple of shrieks. There were both angst and fear in it’s eyes as though it was afraid of little Yuteng, the fairy.

Mo Xuanzun has a special bond with the crane. Even though it couldn’t talk, but he could still guess what it was trying to express. He asked dubiously, “You said it’s not a mystical beast? In fact, not any kind of beasts at all?”


Little immortal crane let out a soft chirp and nodded its head. It did not even try to hide its fear in its black eyes, it was apparently that it had a bad time earlier with little Yuteng.

“Not any sort of beasts? How is that possible?” It wasn’t that Mo Xuanzun didn’t believe little immortal crane, he simply found that too unbelievable.


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