Sunday, November 10, 2019

TWQQF ch 257 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (8)

They have been having these crazy fantasies way too often, and they almost never ended well.

Now, no matter how fantastic they sounded, he wouldn’t fall for them anymore.

Speaking of the Luo’s of Yin, Tian Feng had another shred of hope inside of him. Cheng Xiao Xiao certainly would go and visit Yin at some point, right?

Somewhere in the Dafeng’s mountain ranges.

A mystical crane flew slowly through the air and on it’s back, a grim looking young man. He was, indeed, the genius mathematician Mo Xuanzun!

If one looked closely, one would say that he was muttering to himself the entire time. Occasionally, one would also notice the mystical crane giving him some anthropomorphic reactions. It was quite obvious that it had a lot of opinions on his subject.

“Xiao He, where could she be? I have looked all over this area, why is it that I just can’t locate her? Do you think she knew I was looking for her and went into hiding on purpose so I can’t find her?

“Sigh, how is this possible. To top it all, I wasn’t able to calculate her whereabout. Will I never be able to see her again? That would mean I totally got the short end of the stick, no? Xiao He, do you think you are a bit useless here? You have been with us for over ten years already, how come you never developed the ability to locate a person by their scent? If you have remembered her, at least we won’t have to search around blindly like we are right now. Xiao He, you are bringing shame to me!

“Xiao He, you tell me. Where do you think she is hiding? Do you think she’s even a resident on this continent? Or was she a disciple of some sacred land? If that’s the case, I will never be able to find her! No, not way. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat without finding her. Xiao He, do you think I am sick?

“Aiya, Xiao He, you are such a fool. How come you never learned how to talk? If you can talk to me, I will have someone to talk to. Xiao He,  which do you think is better?  A mean girl or a tender and cute girl? But she’s mean and cute, so she’s the best. Wouldn’t you agree, Xiao He?”


The mystical crane turned up it’s head and let out a loud chirp!

It’s voice full of disdain and discontent!

However, Mo Xuanzun never cared about the reaction from the mystical crane. He merely reached out his hand and knocked on its head with his knuckled to remind it that it was too unrespectful.

“Cheng Xing! What do you want!”

“Bastard, I am going to kill you!”

“You give me back my kid’s life!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”


Suddenly, a lot of ruckus came from down below. Wretched crying mixed with noises of fighting and shouting could be heard.

Riding on the back of the mystical crane, Mo Xuanzun couldn’t help but looked toward the direction of the noises. In the valley some dozen or so miles away, a dozen or so people surrounded a group of people of all ages, and they were the ones making the noises.

Mo Xuanzun frowned lightly and said disapprovingly, “In this broad daylight, all these bandits were so ridiculously blatant. Killing, robbing, setting fires, up to no good. Well, Xiao He, since fate has brought us here, let’s go see what’s going on!”


The mystical crane responded and flew toward the valley!


A gust of strong wind stirred up by the flapping of the crane’s wings. With speed like that of shooting stars, the man and the crane appeared above the valley.

Mo Xuanzun looked closely, a dozen or so martial spirituals surrounded and attacking a group of elderlies and women. They didn’t seem to have the intention to kill them right away, but merely toying with them. They were causing harm to them, but nothing life-threatening.

This despicable behavior utterly enraged Mo Xuanzun!

He saw one of the young man aimed his sword at a young woman’s chest. This unscrupulous act was the last straw for Mo Xuanzun.

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