Wednesday, November 27, 2019

TWQQF ch 271 - Everybody's On Their Moves; Lots of Suspicious Activities (4)

“Speaking of the top four powers, now that the Cheng’s have made so much noise, I wonder if those from the top four powers will be here?”

“I am sure they will be here. I’ve heard that they are already living among us in town!”


The appearance of the Top Nine Sects had caused more gossips among the public. Truth be told, subjects like these were brought up just about everyday, but no matter how many times this had been discussed, people still enjoy bringing the topic up over and over again.

At this moment, someone threw out another topic, “I have heard that the Cheng’s of Emperor City will also be here!”

“What? The Cheng’s of Emperor City would dare to show up here?”

“Haven’t I heard that the Cheng’s of Emperor City and banished Cheng Biyuan long time ago? Have they no shame to come here now?”

“Well, even so, they will always be related by blood. Whether they are on good or bad terms, they are still a family. I wouldn’t be surprise if the Cheng’s from Emperor City will show up here!”

“And it wasn’t just the Cheng’s. The Long’s and the Xue’s of Emperor City, the Luo’s and the Gu’s of Yin, as well as the Su’s and Meng’s of Huang have all sent their representatives!”

“Are you for real?”

“Of course it’s real, they didn’t even make an effort to hide their affinity. They were very open about that. I think they will arrive today at the latest!”

“The powers from all over are here. The scene that the Cheng’s had cause was quite big, I wonder if they will be able to back themselves up?”

“HEHEHE, have you noticed that nobody from School of Divine Condors are here?”

“Right! I have heard that they have offended the Cheng’s and were sentenced to having to help them do manual labor. I wonder how true that was!”

“Of course that was true. It was big news and everybody heard about it. Who would dare make up such kind of rumor to smear the name of School of Divine Condor?”

“Well, if they’ll come too, there will certainly be a lot of drama!”


The ones gossiping laughed and couldn’t wait to see the drama unfold. Most of these people were basically individual cultivators, they have no families to worry about. Naturally, they were quite carefree when it came to gossiping.

As these people were chatting away, the elders of the Top Nine Sects have arrived at the Ning’s residence, as there were people here from the Top Nine Sects.

Upon receiving the words, Old Man Ning, along with Old Man Lin, Old Man Quan, and Old Man Du all went to the front entrance to greet these representatives.

When they met up they greeted each other courteously and walked into the Ning’s residence.

All of these representatives have been arranged to stay at the guest quarters of the Ning’s residence. As soon as the arrangements have been made, the elders immediately took their own people back into their respective rooms to discuss the orders from their sect leaders.

As for what the orders were, only they would know. But when they reappear, it was written all over their face that losing this bid was not an option.

After each individual group meetings were done, the main alliance meeting commenced.

They have borrowed the Ning’s living room; none of the Ning’s was present. They had successfully and comfortably took over the Ning’s place as if it was their own to discuss their own matters unapologetically.

“We trust that everybody have an idea about the purpose of this alliance so I am not going to elaborate more. But the main point of this alliance is so that we could all acquire the goods that the Cheng’s have to offer, then we will divide up the goods basing on the monetary contribution from each sect. I trust that we re all in agreement here?”


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