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TWQQF ch 248 - An Unexpected Discovery; Chasing Away The Best (17)


After hearing the word, everybody present were shocked. Luo Yujie paused for a moment and recovered quickly. She resumed her shouting, “That’s impossible! My Jiang’er will never kill anyone. You were mistaken!”

“I was mistaken? I saw him choking her out with my own eyes. Should I believe in what I saw or what you said?”

As Cheng Xiao Xiao was saying that, everybody turned and looked over at Yesu’s neck. Sure enough, a red hand print was still visible on her neck.

By now, Cheng Biyuan was already livid and even Mrs. Cheng starting to looking annoyed. Tian Fusheng frowned with a look of disbelief.

“Impossible! Impossible! She must have choked herself and tried to blame it on my Jiang’er!”


A loud cry filled with qi. It sounded like dry thunder from the sky. Luo Yujie, standing in front of her, was scared pale.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was livid. She absolutely could not stand this woman. She scolded her directly, “This is not the Tian’s. You want to make a scene you go do it at your own home. You think just because you are relatives you can do whatever you please? We don’t need relatives like you. Get the hell out!”

“You! You!”

“Oh, was I wrong? When have you ever thought of us as relatives? Ever since I was a child, when have we ever seen you? Big Aunt my ass! How come we have never seen this big aunt when our family needed help the most? Now that we are in better standing you came running over. Have you no shame? Get the hell out of our house. We don’t need your kind of murderous, criminal relatives!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao’s aggressiveness and anger surprised everyone there. Nobody have seen her so enraged before. She was ruthless even toward someone a generation older than her.

“You! You!”

Looking at Cheng Xiao Xiao’s cold face, Luo Yujie opened and closed her mouth and dare not shout anymore at her. She looked around and shifted her focus on Luo Yuqin. She started screaming all over again, “Luo Yuqin, you got a good daughter there. Cold blooded, turns her back on all her relatives. Only someone like you could raise a daughter like that!”

Luo Yujie started shouting at Mrs. Cheng habitually. Mrs. Cheng shook from anger and Cheng Biyuan exude a solemn auro and also shouted angry, “Someone, throw this crazy woman out of my house!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Cheng Chi and the lot immediately rushed up, grabbed her and started dragging her outward!

“Luo Yuqin! You are such a tramp! And your daughter is a tramp too! Your whole family are tramps! She tried to seduce my son, then beat him till he was half dead! Bad things will happen to you! I am going to tell mom and dad when I get home! You shameless tramp! You seduce young men, now your daughter tried to seduce my son! You…..”

Her foul mouth never stopped spewing out all sorts of horrible things. An intent to kill flashed passed Cheng Xiao Xiao’s eyes. She told Cheng Chi, “Slap her on her face. One slap for each sentence coming out of her mouth until they are outside of Daling. Follow her and hit her until she stops!”

“Yes, Miss!”


One could hear the slap immediate!


The shouting and slapping moved further and further away. Tian Fusheng, who hadn’t said a word this entire time, looked somber. He casted a sinister look across all of the Cheng’s, “This time, you have gone too far. Hrmph! Goodbye!”


Cheng Xiao Xiao’s shout stopped him  on his way. Tian Fusheng, who was about to turn and walked away, stopped and looked at her.


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