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TWQQF ch 266 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (17)

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Now that Qing’an Province was part of the Cheng’s property, naturally Cheng Xiao Xiao wouldn’t just sit idly by. These were now the responsibilities of the Cheng’s.

Zhou Jinjiang thought about the same issue as well. He nodded immediately and said, “Okay, Xiao Xiao, I will make the arrangements immediately. This is no joking matter!”

The lead manager Zhou Jinjiang hurried away.

Old Man Ying returned after delivering the pesticides shortly and smiled, “Miss, you are so smart. We ran out already!”

“Okay, less talking. Hurry up and transport the second load!” Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t want to keep chatting away.

“Yes, Miss!”

 After that, the Cheng’s got busier and busier with the matters. Sure enough, they have found out that Willows was not the only place plagued with the infestation of the strange bugs. Infestations were also discovered at a few other locations. This was no small feat and the Cheng’s were swamped.

Luckily, the Cheng’s could provide a stream of unlimited supply of the pesticides. The most important thing was that these pesticides were fast-acting. As soon as they were applied, all the bugs were wiped out in one swoop with not one left.

The bug infestation in Qing’an Province had the Cheng’s jumping around for three whole days before they were able to protect all the seedlings in the entire Qing’an Province.

The Cheng’s reputation spread within the entire Qing’an Province. Everybody in the province realized that Count Zhongyuan was the true owner of the province and grateful words came from all over.

Villagers nearby even came to their house and brought with them eggs, rice, or preserved meat and the like to show their gratitude towards them.

Even though they Cheng’s had no use of the items that they have brought, but they have accepted them all. In addition, every visitors had also received gifts from the Cheng’s in return – roosters, rabbits, ducks, etc.

Since these were items from the Cheng’s, all cultivators know that these were mystical animals. In order to protect these peasants, Cheng Xiao Xiao gave Old Man Ying another assignment – to follow the peasants to protect them. If anyone wants to buy from them, that is fine; if anyone wants to rob or steal from them, then he could do with them as he pleases.

Old Man Ying happily accepted the assignment and left. Cheng Xiao Xiao had awarded him a bottle of mystical water from the dimension, he would be happy for a few more assignments like this.

Days always flew by when one is busy. A good part of a month had gone by without anyone noticing.

Today, Zhou Jinjiang found Cheng Xiao Xiao who were plant some flower seedlings.

“Uncle Zhou, to what do I owe this pleasure?” asked Cheng Xiao Xiao casually. She was digging a hole and didn’t even bother looking up.

Zhou Jinjiang couldn’t help but laughed when he saw how busy she was, “Xiao Xiao, you do need to plant the flowers yourself? Why don’t you have some servants do it for you. Even if they don’t know how, you can always give them guidance.”

“It’s alright. I want to do it myself. What else am I doing with my time anyway? I am just trying to keep myself busy!”

Other than cultivating everyday, she has been spending the rest of her time chatting with her gardening and chatting with her brothers and sisters. And that made up of most of her days.

“Okay, whatever float your boat….” Zhou Jinjiang was fully aware that he would never be able to talk her out of anything so he broached his subject with her directly, “Xiao Xiao, the auction is only two weeks away. You want to let me know what you have in mind for the podium so I can get the guys started on that?”

“However you like. All I need is to say a few words and arrange for them to make the exchange with our people,” Cheng Xiao Xiao never thought of that as a big deal. The podium just have to have some tables and chairs on it, the rest did not matter at all.


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