Friday, November 8, 2019

TWQQF ch 255 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (6)

“Dad, Cheng Xiao Xiao had been gone for a few days, how would I know she would show up out of nowhere. Moreover, I wasn’t really going to kill the maid. You know, she was kind of pretty, so I was….”


A powerful cuff from his father stunned Tian Jiang. Immediately a hand print appeared on his handsome face.

“Animal! Do you have anything else in your brain other than women? One of these days you are going to die on a woman’s stomach. I can’t even count on you on such a simple task. Garbage!’

Tian Fusheng was angry. So angry that he couldn’t contain himself anymore. It would have been an easy task, but somehow this mother and son duo was able to muck it all up.

After shouting at his son, he turned back to the now ugly-looking Luo Yujie and shouted angrily, “And you! You are an idiot who are so full of herself! Who do you think the Cheng’s are? You think you can just do as you please because you are their big aunt? You thought they were still the same family that was banished like garbage? You dare to throw a fit in front of them? Do you have a death wish?!”

The whole family had their head down from the scolding. Tian Feng was probably the most unhappy one. He had spent days plotting and planning on how to court Cheng Xiao Xiao. He didn’t expect that his mother and brother would have caused him to be kicked out of the Cheng’s before he even had a chance to make a move. How was he supposed to think about that?

Naturally he was hating on his brother too. If it wasn’t for him foiling everything, he would certainly have been able to win over Cheng Xiao Xiao. Then he would be able to have his ways for the rest of his life and nobody would dare breath a ‘no’ in front of him!

But his dream was now ruined by his bother who had nothing other than women on his mind. Tian Feng was unhappy; if it was the worse timing ever, he really wanted to go give him a beating.

“You, all of you. Idiots! A simple task and now it’s all mucked up. Great! Never mind that we won’t be able to get anything from the Cheng’s, we had completely embarrassed ourselves. What am I supposed to say to I report back to the sact?”

Remembering his promises to the sect leader, Tian Fusheng really wanted to cuff both the mother and son to death. He regretted deeply that he did not stop his wife from going after the Cheng’s.

Had she not ran over there and insulted Mrs. Cheng and her daughter, at least they wouldn’t have been kicked out of Willows. Worst case scenario he’d have his son go apologize and at least they’d still have a shot at it.

“That little wrench was heartless! I wasn’t wrong! If only she didn’t beat up Jiang’er, I would never….”


Without so much as to think about it, Tian Fesheng struck her across her face and almost flinging her onto the ground.

The burning sensation on her cheek reminded Luo Yujie that she was struck again, and by her own husband no less. She stared at him in disbelief, then, point at herself, she said, “You struck me? You dare to strike me?”

“Strike you? I want to kill you!”

The enraged Tian Fusheng shouted. A thick intent to kill exude from him. He eyes sparked with viciousness, “Luo Yujie, you damn wrench. If it was for your family’s sake, I would have kill your idiotic self long time ago. All you do was being petty about small things. You have offended just about everyone in Dongming Sect. All the accomplishments that I have achieved for the sect and I had never once been promoted. That was all because of you, you idiot! You pissed off every single person, to a point that they even avoided me. Nobody ever wanted to step up and back me. These were all your idiotic handy work!

“This was a perfect opportunity that had fallen into our lap, but you two idiots have no brains! You wanted their possession and you still have the guts to stand up against them? What makes you think you were entitled to do that? Idiots! You have just ruined my life. Go back to your parent’s house, I don’t need you bringing me any more misfortunes!”


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