Tuesday, May 12, 2020

TWQQF ch 377 - The Misunderstanding was Resolved; The Visit of the Parents (2)

In particular, he missed everything inside the dimension, but the Miss never let him back in again. That was probably his single biggest wish.

Everybody laughed at the youngster and the old man bickering with each other. It had happened so frequently that everybody was already used to it.

The Elder was very envy of Elder Ying’s cultivation. He was just a martial spiritualist; even becoming a martial king had been proven very difficult for him!

He felt uncomfortable being a Elder and a peer to Elder Ying. He had been spending a lot of time cultivating in his own room and was less engaged with the Cheng’s matters.

“Xuanzun, are you thinking about setting up a tactical arrangement? Is that why you are seeking for mystical device?” asked the Elder with a slight smile.

Tactical arrangement!

Cheng Biyuan and the lot’s eyes lit up from those two words. They knew that on their continent, only those from Temple of Divine Plans knew how to set tactical arrangements other than those from Apothecary Valley. They must know the advantages of tactical arrangements. It would be lying to say they were eager for them.

The thought of the Cheng’s being able to have a tactical arrangement excited them. Tactical arrangements were the best defense one could have; not everyone one who wanted them could just hire someone to help them set it up.

First of all, they had an idea that it’d require a good amount of mystical device. And now their thought had been confirmed by the Elder.

“That’s right. It occurred to me that we didn’t have a tactical arrangement here while I was planting the cherry trees.”

As he was saying, he turned and spoke to the housemaster with utmost respect, “Mr. father-in-law, I intend to set some larger scale a tactical arrangement that could cover the entire Willow Village. That way we will be able to provide more comprehensive protection.”

“Young man, you do as you see fit. Just let us know if you need anything from us. After all, none of them know about these as well as you do,” said Cheng Biyuan with a bright smile while trying to keep his excitement under control.

Cheng Xiao Xiao pondered about it for a while and looked at the man next to her before saying, “Hey, abacus, you should know how to set up chained arrangements too, right? I’m afraid just one large one isn’t enough. It’s best if we can chain them.”

“Setting up chained arrangements is not an issue, but the issue will be mystical device. Other than a large quantity of mystical device, we will need more powerful ones, preferably a few sacred device!” said Mo Xuanzun after some thoughts.

Sacred device?

Everybody couldn’t help but stuck their tongues out quickly. They have certainly heard of mystical device in the past. Sacred device? All they knew were these were items even more powerful than mystical device. They must be rare and even more difficult to come by.

Mo Xuanzun couldn’t tell them none of them there were familiar with these items, so he went on explaining, “All mystical device can be divided into three levels – high, medium, and low. Then comes sacred device. After that there’s immortal device and godly device. All of them can be divided into three levels – high, medium, and low. I have only seen mystical and sacred device on our continent and merely heard of immortal and godly ones. I have never seen the latter two and none of us know whether they even exist on our continent.”

Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help herself but said, “Mystical device, sacred device, immortal device, and godly device, and further subdivided into high, medium, and low levels. Wow, that’s quite amazing!” 

“Young Mistress, guye only know a part of it!” came little Yuteng’s voice.

“Just a part?”

“Right, what he named off was the most common way these device were categorized in the world of cultivators. Other than mystical device, sacred device, immortal device, and godly device, if my memory serves me right, there’s another way to categorize them – king device, emperor device, monarch device, immortalist device, lord device, and god device. These items have spirits of their own and every way as good as a cultivator. Not just anyone would be accepted by these items. As the very minimum, one would have to at least be at the level of godly supremacist, godly monarch, godly channel, or channel ancestor to stand a chance of possessing one of these items.”


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  1. The Elder was very envy -- envious
    Mo Xuanzun couldn’t tell them none of them there were familiar with these items, so he went on explaining, -- could tell none of them were? Otherwise, couldn't tell them they weren't familiar