Monday, May 11, 2020

TWQQF ch 376 - The Misunderstanding was Resolved; The Visit of the Parents (1)

The two of them had surely came over to let themselves be robbed…

The two handsome men were speechless, but who wouldn’t dare to do what shi xiong Mo had asked? The two poor things almost lost their pants; everything that they owned that was somewhat valuable were raided.

Luckily, they were able to keep their mystical item, which they valued more than life itself. The end result was they were quickly booted out of the Cheng’s by this official guye.

What the….. who did business like that?

The two shook their heads. After they have been received such “hospitality”, they helplessly brought with them everything that they had purchased and headed on their way back.

As far as members of the Clan of Mystical Swords go, they certainly were the two least welcomed ones.

Nobody cared about how they felt, especially Cheng Xiao Xiao. She was busy grabbing the man in front of her and asking him what she wanted to find out the most.

“What do you need so much mystical device for?”

“I have use for them, of course!” smiled Mo Xuanzun. “Xiao Xiao, mystical device are great things. Our continent, after all, is a more peaceful land. We rarely had any large-scale warfare. These type of items that are so destructive are usually banned from being sold by the Top 4 Powers to avoid any calamities.”

“You still haven’t told me what you need them for?”

Right after she finished saying that, a series of footsteps could be heard coming toward them. Immediately, four figures appeared in front of them and they were the four elderlies of the Cheng’s. The two of them stood up immediately.

“Dad, Elder, Uncle Zhou, Old Man Ying.”

“father-in-law, Elder, Uncle Zhou.”

“Miss, guye.” Smiled Old Man Ying with his hands cupped.

Cheng Yu smiled and greeted the two of them.

Ever since he had joined the Cheng’s, Cheng Yu no longer want to hear the term “Eleventh Elder”. He was now the elder of Count Zhongyuan. From this point forward, he was to be known as “Elder”, not “Eleventh Elder”.

Naturally, everybody else had accepted his new title. Now, same as Old Man Ying, Cheng Yu had became one of the Cheng’s guest elders and started engaging in all sort of issues of the Cheng’s.

Zhou Jinjiang smiled at Mo Xuanzun and said, “Guye was talking about mystical device; we would like to hear about that as well!”

Mystical device were items that were difficult to come by. Even the three elderlies had only heard about them and never experienced the power of these tools.

“Have a seat!” said Cheng Biyuan as he nodded to them all.

Everybody sat down and the maids brought over some tea and snacks. Cheng Biyuan asked about, “Do we need to worry about the two disciples from the Clan of the Magical Swords?”

“No need to worry, father-in-law. They are okay. They wouldn’t dare plot anything against us.”

Mo Xuanzun smiled lightly, “I had give them more than fair amount of merchandises, they wouldn’t have a difficult time or hold any grudges against us. Not to mention that once they had delivered the stuff they have purchased, they would receive more rewards from the Clan of Magical Sword. They are definitely going to come out ahead.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Cheng Biyuan didn’t like making enemies, especially with they were talking about the Clan of Magical Swords. Probably only Mo Xuanzun, also belonging to one of the Top 4 Powers, didn’t think much of them.

“By the way, we overheard you mentioning mystical device. Why do you need a set of them?” Cheng Biyuan was curious about that as well.

Old Man Ying smiled and asked, “Guye, are you going to give them out as rewards?”

“Rewards?” Lifting the corners of her mouth, Cheng Xiao Xiao gave him a smile that didn’t look too much like a smile and said, “Old Man Ying, I think you have been having too much free time as of late. You sure could use some rewards.”

“Really, Miss? I will accept any rewards from you!” Old Man Ying hasn’t received any rewards from her in a while; he certainly missed receiving them.


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