Thursday, May 7, 2020

TWQQF ch 372 - Saw Through; Finishing Up With Constructions (7)

Smiling bitterly, Vice Valley Master turned toward the speechless Mrs. Mo and continued to explain, “The Cheng’s mystical well had only appeared some 6 months ago, but the mystical herbs that they’ve grown had the quality of those that are several dozens or even over 100 years in ago. Don’t you think that is odd?”


Now, both Mo Yuze and his wife was stunned. If this was true, what kind of secret did the Cheng’s possess? How were they able to accomplish something like this?

The Valley and Vice Valley Masters nodded together. They had no reason to make up something like this, nor would any one be able to pull something like this off.

“This is…” smiled Mo Yuze bitterly, “Indeed very bizarre. However, my disciple, Xiao Xianzun, never mentioned anything about that, so I won’t be able to address that question.”

“We understand!”

The two valley masters did not push for an answer; quite contrarily, they acted as though they were they to give them a heads up and that they understood.

Seeing their reactions, Mo Yuze couldn’t help but frowned again. He knew it wouldn’t be that simple.

“Temple Master Mo, I’m afraid there’s something else that you’d need to know.”

Clan Master Qin’s voice rang again. Mo Yuze turned and looked at him, “Clan Master Qin, what do you mean by that?”

“Words had it that, there’s an Elder Ying at the Cheng’s. His cultivation level had been mid-level martial emperor for the longest time, yet he was able to breakthrough to apex martial monarch with Maiden Cheng’s help and became the first person on this continent to have broken through to martial monarch in over 10,000 years, those from Temple of Divine Plans notwithstanding!”

Everybody knew that the Temple Master of Temple of Divine Plans was a martial monarch, but that was only because they had inheritance of the Temple of Divine Plans. With the inheritance, they would not have been able to achieve martial monarch from cultivation alone.

All these 300-something year old monsters sitting in front of him were all apex martial emperors and have been stuck there for hundred of years. No matter how much they cultivate or whatever method they’ve tried, they just were not able to breakthrough martial emperor into martial monarch.

Their words had, once again, stunned Mo Yuze and his wife silent for a long, long while.

With their statuses, they were well aware of the restraints placed on those on this continent. Naturally they’d find news like this to be shocking!

Even the 300-something year old monsters refused to believe it at first.

It wasn’t until they have received the letters from their messengers and stressing repeatedly that it was all true, and was confirmed by both Maiden Cheng and Elder Ying directly did they finally believed it

If they confirmed it, then the matters must not be that simple; and if the news were true, then naturally they couldn’t just not act upon it.

Who doesn’t want to be able to breakthrough the invisible restraint if they could? Even a normal peasant valued their own lives a lot, let alone these monsters who had already been around for hundred of years, if there’s a way to extent their life, they didn’t want to die, they are not willing to die!

They acted upon the news right away. Since they had learned that Mo Yuze was heading toward Willows, and that Temple of Divine Plans were about to have a betrothal with the Cheng’s, then naturally they wouldn’t just head to Willows themselves. It’d be much better to associate themselves with someone of their caliber.

That being Mo Yuze and his wife in front of them!

“What Clan Master Qin means is…..” Mo Yuze finally suppressed all sorts of emotions and asked somewhat calmly.

Clan Master Qin and Valley Master Ji exchanged a look and said at the same time, “We would like to go with Temple Master Mo on your visit to the Willows, we hope you won’t deny us of that!”

Never in a million years would Cheng Xiao Xiao had anticipated that her action would have drawn out old monsters of this caliber.


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