Monday, May 4, 2020

TWQQF ch 370 - Saw Through; Finishing Up With Constructions (5)


Hearing the sadness in his wife’s voice, he couldn’t finish saying what he had in mind. He looked away and snickered without saying anything else.

“Husband, we both know the characters of our daughters. I am not saying that Yujie is not a nice girl. Back then we both spoiled her rotten and you even named her Yujie intentionally, picking the character “jie” from my name for her. Neither one of us had expected her to turn into this mean and frugal personality.”

“What are you trying to say?” asked Luo Zhengde while casting his wife a surprised look.

Mrs. Luo let out a long sigh and said, “What I am trying to say is that we can’t just believe in every word coming from them. I don’t really believe what Yujie said about how Yuqin kicked them out of their house. If Yuqin really didn’t see her as her sister, how come they were kicked out after staying there for over 10 days? I heard bits and pieces from the two kids Tian Xiu and Tian Li. The real reason they were kicked out was because Tian Jiang tried to pursue Xiao Xiao but failed, then he turned around and teased their maid.”

“Goddamn it! How could he do that to his own family!” Even Luo Zhengde couldn’t help but got angry upon hearing that.

“Exactly. When Xiao Xiao found out she was very upset and hurt Tian Jiang. Yujie, feeling unjust for her son, made a scene at the Cheng’s, and that was when they were kicked out by Xiao Xiao.”

When she got here, Mrs. Luo looked both ashamed and angry, “Yujie had really crossed the line this time. I understand that they were hiding here after failing the assignment from the sect. But she kept thinking about all the goods that Yuqin’s family has and still plotting against them. That was ridiculous!”


There were many things that Luo Zhengde had heard about before his wife. If he hadn’t find out how much truth there were behind their stories, he wouldn’t have been ignoring his older daughter and her family, and all the suggestions and requests that they had brought up.

“Hey, old man, I am planning to first write a letter to Junhao and see if he had emerged from his cultivation session yet!”

“Write to Junhao?”

Speaking of his son who had moved away over ten years ago, Luo Zhengde has a longing look and said, “No matter what, cultivating is important to him. Last time he sent us letter, didn’t he mention that he was gearing up for martial king this time?”

Luo Jinhao, the oldest son of the Luo’s, the younger brother of Luo Yujie and Luo Yuqin, the only boy of the Luo’s. Due to his unusual talent, not only was he able to pass the test and enter into the Top 4 Powers, he had also passed the test of the Pillar’s Clan of Magical Swords and became one of their disciples at the age of 15.

Ever since he had joined the Clan of Magical Swords, he was immediately accepted as a disciple of one of the elders and been cultivating behind closed door at the Clan of Magical Swords since. He hadn’t been home once this entire time.

 It was precisely because his son made it into the Clan of Magical Sword that Luo Zhengde wanted his younger daughter to marry into the Clan of Magical Sword as the bride of one of the sacred disciples. She would also be able to take care of her brother at the same time.

It was a very good plan on his part, except that he misjudged his daughter’s heart. He never would have imagined her falling in love with Cheng Biyuan and would rather severed her relationship with him to be with Cheng Biyuan.

Since then, their older daughter married into the Top 9 Sects, their son joined the Clan of Magical Sword, and their younger daughter stopped all communications with them. It had been just the two of them all these years.

“I think Junhao should almost be done; it had already been a few years. If he had finished his session, we should have him pay us a visit!” suggested Mrs. Luo.

“Whatever you want…”

Luo Zhengde understood why his wife wanted to summon their son back so he didn’t try to stop her, nor did he say anything else.

While they were chitchatting over there, a tremendous qi suddenly burst straight up into the air on top of one of the peaks within the Clan of Magical Sword. It had alert quite a few individuals

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