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TWQQF ch 384 - The Misunderstanding was Resolved; The Visit of the Parents (9)

“Miss, we have visitors!” report Yesu to her as she curtsied.

Seeing that Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t surprised, Yesu replied softly, “Miss, I think they are guye’s master and shi mu. They were also accompanied by two other elderlies and a young woman.”

“Oh!” Cheng Xiao Xiao let out a small cry and became nervous immediately. “How long have they been here? When did they arrive? Have someone informed Abacus yet? Who’s keeping them company right now?

Naturally, she knew very well the purpose of Mo Xuanzun’s master and shi mu. But now that they are really here, she was starting to get nervous.

She started to blush. She knew she couldn’t avoid meeting her future in-laws but she was started to get nervous and ran straight towards her Yuteng Pavillion.


Yesu followed closely behind her and asked, surprised, “Miss, aren’t you going to meet the guests in the living room?”

“Ugh, give me a few moments. You go take care of other matters…”

Cheng Xiao Xiao returned to Yuteng Pavillion and immediately entered into the dimension.

“Eh? Young Mistress, you came to visit?” smiled little Yuteng.

“Go! Go entertain yourself somewhere else!” Cheng Xiao Xiao waved at her and ignored her tease. She ran straight to the second floor of her villa and sat down inside her own room.

She could recall now what Yesu had said.

There were other guests accompanying Mo Xuanzun’s master and shi mu.

Two elderlies? Who could they be? Why were they with Abacus’s master and shi mu? And why were they ere?

Eh? And there’s a young woman with them?

If a young woman came with Mo Xuanzun’s master and shi mu, she worried that…

Thinking about it, Cheng Xiao Xiao’s brows furrowed. She felt a stuffy feeling in her chest and she couldn’t cheer herself up. She hoped it wasn’t those cliché story plot that she was thinking about, if it was…

Suddenly, a strong sense of confidence exploded from her dark, black eyes. She stood up and started looking through all the clothes that she liked in the closet. Mrs. Cheng, her mother, had made her quite a few sets of clothes. As she enjoyed to shower here, she just left most of them here.

Living room of the Cheng’s!

Other than the Cheng’s couple, the other person sitting with the guests was Old Man Ying. He looked much more solemn than he usually was.

He had been looking like that ever since he encountered the two old apex martial-emperor monsters, as though he was watching out for them.

The guests had already announced their identities, but as the young ones have not joined them yet, they were just casually chitchatting so far.

Mo Xuanzun, hearing the news that his master and shi mu had arrived, finally made it back from what he was doing.

“Master! Shi mu! You are here!”

Mo Xuanzun was happy like a child when he saw his master and shi mu. All his usual calmness and composure were nowhere to be found. He was one hundred percent a child who hasn’t seen his family for a while and his face was filled with happiness.

Mo Yuze turned and nodded at him and gave him a doting look. Mo Yuze and his wife never had children of their own, so this disciple that they raised since he was a kid was like a son to them.

“Zun-er, child…”

When Rong Jingshi saw her disciple, she pulled him over happily and starting wiping away the sweats on this forehead with her handkerchief as she said to him, “Look at you, you are drenched!”

Shi mu, I am alright!”

With a very blessed look, Mo Xuanzun cupped his hands and greeted Cheng Biyuan and his wife, “father-in-law! Mother-in-law!”

Even though they had already gotten used to being referred by him that way, they still felt a bit awkward in front of his master and shi mu. After all, their relationship has not yet been finalized.


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