Saturday, May 2, 2020

TWQQF ch 369 - Saw Through; Finishing Up With Constructions (4)

“No, I did not see Miss, Housemaster. Miss never showed up at the auction the entire time, but…”


Seeing the inquisitive look from the Housemaster, the deacon elder smiled with a hint of awkwardness and said, “Housemaster, I did, however, see Miss Xiao Xiao. She looked just like Miss and is a very pretty girl!”

“Hmm….” Luo Zhengde still had a indescribable look on him as he continued to ask, “Can you be certain that she is, indeed, a master beast tamer?”

Luo Zhengde was quite sure that was the truth, but he couldn’t help but to ask again.

“We never witnessed her summoning any mystical beasts, but on the day of the auction, Miss Xiao Xiao said she went and tamed the iron-armed bear. This came directly from her, I trust that Miss Xiao Xiao wouldn’t lie to everyone!”

“Hmm, okay. Thank you. You are dismissed!”

“Yes, Housemaster, I shall retire now!”

After the deacon elder had taken off and before Luo Zhengde could even sigh, a woman walked in from the resting area in the back of the study, and it was his wife.

“Well? Are you regretting now?” Mrs. Luo wasn’t looking too happy. Her tone was filled with disgruntledness and mild irritation.

“What are you talking about?!”

Luo Zhengde glanced at her and looking as though it was no big deal.

Mrs. Luo casted him a stare and said, irritated, “Damned old man, others don’t know what was going through your mind, but you can’t fool me! If only you hadn’t…..”

“That’s enough, what do you want?” Luo Zhengde always launched into anger whenever the old days were dredged up. His youngest daughter had shamed him all these years, how could he be happy about that?

“You men are all like that. None of you are a good thing. Every time it was about the big picture, the family, everything else are secondary…”

“Are you done?”

As his wife went on and on, Luo Zhengde’s mood went down and down. If it wasn’t his wife fussing about it today, he would never had summoned the deacon elder in the first place.

“What? Was I wrong when I said you weren’t happy about it?”

Mrs. Luo, who had always been a quiet and tender woman seemed to be a completely different person today. An angry look on her face, she said, “Back in the days, you were determined to break up Luo Yuqin and Cheng Biyuan, causing me to not be able to see my daughter for dozens of years. All that in the name of ‘for the greater good of the clan’, and now….

“You’ve heard it yourself, Gu Gaoyi of Dong was the sworn brother of Cheng Biyuan. Again, he bullied Yuqin and her family for the greater good of their clan. What he did was immortal. Whatever he got now, he asked for it himself!”

“You are a woman! What do you know?”

Luo Zhengde furrowed his brows. Even though he, too, was upset how Gu Gaoyi could have no regards to his relationship with Cheng Biyuan and mistreat his daughter and her family, he’d never admit to it in front of anyone.

“You are right, I don’t get it. You are all cold blooded. You had me stayed away from my Qin-er all these years. I don’t care, you are going with me to visit her!”

At this moment, Mrs. Luo shown her unreasonable side. She had noticed that her husband had been showing signs of remorse recently. She did not want to let the opportunity slipped by.

“Impossible! Don’t even think about it!” rejected Luo Zhengde solemnly. He couldn’t help but thought about the words of his older daughter and her husband. Finally, he said reluctantly, “If you want to see her, you summon her back here!”

“Summon her back here?”

Mrs. Luo casted him a surprised glance. She had tried to write to her daughter secretly in the past and was yelled at by him when he found out.

Mrs. Luo did not comment on that, but just looked at her husband in front of him with her piercing look and asked, “Old man, do you really plan to never seen your daughter again till the day you die?”

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