Wednesday, May 6, 2020

TWQQF ch 371 - Saw Through; Finishing Up With Constructions (6)

Quickly those who were familiar with this qi realized that that someone else broken through behind closed doors. Everybody at the Clan of Magical Sword cheered. After all, another break through brought about more hope for everyone.

“Junhao, you’ve broken through to martial emperor. HAHAHAHA….”

The person who just broken through was, indeed, Luo Junhao, the of Luo Zhengde and Mrs. Luo.

At the same time, Mo Yuze, who had made arrangements for all of his business, was preparing to start on their way to look for their disciple at Willows along with his wife and Gong Zixuan.

But before they were able to head out, a familiar sense approached them. Quickly a few older men appeared at Temple of Divine Plans.

Now that they’ve had visitors, they weren’t able to take off. Mo Yuze had no choice but to see his visitors inside and have Gong Zixuan went back and waited at the guest quarter.

Mo Yuze and his wife chitchatted for a bit with the few older men before one of them smiled and asked, “Temple Master Mo is planning to take a trip?”

“Yes, Clan Master. We are planning on a visit to Willows. My disciple Mo Xuanzun had his heart set on a girl, so we plan on paying them a visit.”

Two of the visitors were the Clan Master and Vice Clan Master of the Clan of Magical Swords. And the other two were the Valley Master and Vice Valley Master of the Valley of Alchemists. The leaders of three of the Top 4 Powers were in this very room right now.

Clan Master Qin smiled and nodded, “We have heard words about that as well. Xiao Xuanzun had certainly found himself a good girl!”

“These are matters of the kids, as long as they are happy!” Even though Mo Yuze hasn’t met Cheng Xiao Xiao yet, but he was quite happy with her reputation. She sounded like a courageous young woman.

The four old men all smiled lightly. Valley Master Ji of the Valley of Alchemists said, “Temple Master Mo, we have just got some news about Maiden Cheng of Willows, so we made a special trip in the hopes of discussing some matters about her with you….”

“Oh? What matters? We have not yet met Miss Cheng, I am not sure we can be of help!”

Mo Yuze felt incredulous. He wasn’t sure what it could be that warrant the four old hermits to pay him a visit.

Clan Master Qin smiled and said, “Oh, I think you know. You probably just didn’t pay it a lot of attention was all!”

“Exactly, Temple Master Mo. We trust that you have heard by now that the Cheng’s have been producing and selling mystical medicines!” smiled Valley Master Ji.

Mo Yuze nodded. He had heard about it in passing from the letter from his disciple. At that moment in time, he had a slight idea on the purpose of their visit.

“On our continent, there were very few locations that allow us to grow mystical herbs. Any herbs that we could collect in the wild were all of the common types. As for mystical herbs, they were only available at our Alchemist Valley. We never expected the Cheng’s would be in possession of them as well, and in such a quantity!”

Valley Master Ji paused when he got here and his eyes sparkled, “We have seen and evaluated the mystical medicines from the Cheng’s, they have very good mystical properties. Their quality was as good as, no, even a little bit better than the mystical herbs we’ve grown in Alchemist Valley. That was certainly very odd!”

Hearing his words, Rong Jingshi, Mrs. Mo, couldn’t help but chimed in, “We have once planted plenty of herbs in Plum Forest. They didn’t exactly have mystical properties, but they weren’t too bad either. The Cheng’s have a mystical well, if they were irrigating herbs with their mystical water, it is certainly possible that they could be in possession of mystical herbs.”

“Mrs. Mo, I understand what you are saying, but mystical herbs are not easy to grow. Any minor mistakes will impact the quality of the mystical herbs greatly. All our herbalists have years or even dozens of years of experience before they could produce high quality mystical herbs.”


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