Thursday, April 30, 2020

TWQQF ch 368 - Saw Through; Finishing Up With Constructions (3)

“Hrm, you better!”

The First Elder gave him a deep and meaningful look and his words were cold. He said again, “Hmm, since Bihua is going to cultivate behind closed doors, why don’t we give him a bottle of qi-condensing dan? That ought to help him reach his breakthrough faster!”

“Yes, thank you, First Elder!” said Cheng Yutang, looking very appreciative. Seeing his son was still standing there like a fool, he was angry all over again, “Idiot, thank First Elder for his gift!”

“Thank you, First Elder!” Cheng Bihua had no idea why he wasn’t allowed to go to Willows, but he also knew better than to go up against his father. He had a disappointed look, but gaining a bottle of qi-condensing dan was definitely a good thing.

One must know that there were only a few at the Cheng’s who have these qi­-condensing dan in their possession. Each member of the Cheng’s only receive a ratio of 2-3 pills a month, and there were 20 in a bottle, several times that of the normal ration.

Cheng Bihua was the one receiving the most resources among the entire Cheng’s, but he was also the worst in his cultivation level. From his point of view, cultivating behind closed door was a tremendous waste of time, and he’d much rather spend time with his wife and his concubines.

He has been taking these pills like they were candies, and also why it took him some 20 years to become a martial master. This made Cheng Yutang both love and hate him at the same time.

Seeing his disappointed look, the First Elder felt bad and added, “It’s alright, you can always go out and enjoy yourself later. Bihua, you need to grow up some and not thinking about having fun all day long. You must spend more time on cultivation and bring up your level before going out to hone your skills. Do you understand?”

“Yes, First Elder! Bihua understands!”

“Okay, you are dismissed!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

After his departure, the tenderness was gone from the First Elder and back to its original coldness. The mood in the hall was suffocating all over again.

“Cheng Yutang, Bihua was not a child anymore. Surely, he wasn’t the most ambitious, but he was, after all, the next Housemaster. You must be more mindful of his esteem and not slap him all the time. It would be difficult for him to command respect for others if they ever witness that!”

“Yes…” Cheng Yutang was a little dumbfounded, then cupped his hand and said, “First Elder, I understand!”

“I am only saying that with your best interest in mind,” said the First Elder suggestively.

“Thank you, First Elder!”


When he looked up again, the First Elder was already gone.

Luo’s at the City of Yan!

Sitting in his study, Luo Zhengde, Housemaster of the Luo‘s, was listening to the elder’s reports. As he never wanted to hear about news on his youngest daughter, he never cared much about what was going on at the Cheng’s.

Today, he had had to summon the elder who had went to Willows and asked him to report back everything that had happened at Willows.

The elder was a bit surprised, but gave him a detailed report nonetheless; that included the appearance of Mo Xuanzun from the Temple of Divine Plans as well as his relationship with Cheng Xiao Xiao.

Upon hearing that, Luo Zhengde was secretly surprised. He never would have thought that this granddaughter that he had never met before would be that lucky and became an item with the youngest genius mathematician from the Temple of Divine Plans.

Back in the days, he had strongly objected his daughter marrying off to Cheng Biyuan for the exactly reason to marry her into the Temple of Divine Plans. He never would have imagined that even though things didn’t go the way he had wanted with his daughter, but his granddaughter had fulfilled his dream from back then.

After the deacon elder had finished with his report and saw that the Housemaster remained silent, he was a little worried.

After a while, Luo Zhengde finally looked up and asked, “Did you see Yu… Yuqin?”

It had been years since he was last spoke of that name, even he felt a bit awkward when he said it again just now. He frowned slightly from that.

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