Sunday, March 31, 2019

TWQQF ch 44.1 - Arrival of Evil Guests

Deacon Bai felt a chill down his spine. He looked at the 100 or so snakes fearfully. They belong to two different kinds – silver jade snake and golden banded snake. Both were of the highly poisonous type.

If they still had their old ability, they wouldn’t think twice about these snakes, they could use their chi to shocked all the snakes to death. But, not only where they imprisoned here now, they also lost all their chi, making them the same as your usual people.

Never in a million years would they had imagined that coming to send the Cheng’s a message would turn out like that. Facing over 100 snakes, any attempts to escape from them would turn them into snake food.

Deacon Lin didn’t hear a respond and a hint of regret flashed through his eyes. Had he not underestimated the Cheng’s and offended them, they wouldn’t have ended up here. Similarly, it was his idea to come to the Cheng’s last night to send a message. This was all his fault and he dragged Deacon Bai in as well. Now they had no idea how to get out.

Of course, he was more pissed at the Cheng’s; if it wasn’t for them, he couldn’t have came to Willow Village at all, let along being trapped here. Deacon Lin gritted his teeth in hatred and regret.

He sore, he would pay them back one day for the insult of being trapped!

Deacon Bai next to him seemed to have sensed his distress and said lightly, “Don’t worry, they didn’t kill us last night. I don’t think they will kill!”

“I don’t know how we can escape. If it was just the snakes, we might be able to distract them; but did you feel that these vines are strange? It was like they have a mind of their own, we couldn’t move at all.”

“This….” Deacon Lin struggled against the vine, it made the vine tightened it’s grip rather than the other way round. He looked even more distressed.

Deacon Bai sighed, “We will just have to wait for Innkeeper Zhu to send help now. I don’t think we will be able to get out of here ourselves!”

“…..” Lowering his head, Deacon Lin hid the murderous look in his eyes.

A few fast horses ran out of the small town, three of the riders were young and handsome men, the rest were all hired hands of the Ning’s. They were headed directly toward Willow Village that were miles away.

“Shi di1, I hope you didn’t lie to me!” said a young man in blue to Ning Xunzong.

Ning Xunzong replied definitively, “Shi xiong2 Zhou, trust me. My grandpa won’t lie to me. There’s a mythical well in Willow Village!”

“That will be great. Then the School of Divine Condor will also send their people over. I think we will be rewarded handsomely!” said another young man in white.

“Naturally!” said Ning Xunzong proudly, “Shi xiong Zhou, shi xiong Gu, don’t worry. When the time comes, I will say we discovered the mythical well together!”

Shi xiong Zhou and shi xiong Gu looked at each other and smiled. Toward the proud one, they said, “Well then, thanks in advance, shi di!”

“Ha ha ha, you are welcome. Let’s hurry up and get to Willow Village and check out this mythical well. Ka!”


Six fine horses rushed on the small path in the rural road and kick up a storm behind them. The horses ran faster and faster and quickly disappeared at the turn of the road.



1. Shi – literally meaning was teacher. Di – young brother. How people refer to male colleagues that are young than them.
2. Older male colleague.


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  1. That poor Ning grandson. He's such an idiot. Those guys will kill him for the treasure.

    1. It's like all our heroine has to do at this point is just sit back and watch while everyone else murders each other over the right to try to steal from her.

  2. Oh god, they are so shitty.