Tuesday, March 5, 2019

TWQQF ch 32.1 - Danger Again

After throwing out the apprentice, Dr. Xu was still angry. But now that the patient’s information had been leaked, there’s nothing he could do to undo that.

“Hi,  Dr. Xu!”

A chubby man walked inside the clinic. Dr. Xu looked up and saw Innkeeper Zhu, they have been acquaintances from a while back. He forced a smile and cupped his hand to greet him, “ Oh, hi, Innkeeper Zhu, what can I do for you?”

“Dr. Xu, I came with a purpose. I have a favor to ask and I hope you can help me.” Said Innkeeper Zhu with a big friendly smile on his face.

As soon as he heard that, Dr. Xu immediately had a bad feeling. It sounded too similar to the request that he had gotten around noon time. He took a defensive stance and asked coldly, “What is this favor that you want to ask?”

“Ho ho, Dr. Xu, nothing important. Just want to ask for some information. I hope you won’t turn me down!”


Dr. Xu’s face changed color, he sounded even colder, “Okay, what information!”

“Dr. Xu, you see, we have placed an order with the Cheng’s mother and daughter, but they haven’t delivered the order yet, so I thought….”

“Stop!” coldly interrupted Dr. Xu and pointed toward the door, “I don’t know any Cheng’s mother or daughter. I don’t have what you want. Please see yourself out!”

“Aiya, Dr. Xu, what is the matter with you?”

Innkeeper Zhu had not expected Dr. Xu’s sudden change of mannerism, he was anxious, “Dr. Xu, I happened to know that you have a few house visits with Mrs. Cheng. Please, just tell me where I can find them. I will repay you handsomely!”

“Innkeeper Zhu, as I have said. I don’t know. Please go!”

“Aiya, Dr. Xu, what is the matter with you….”

“Get out, get out, I have patients to see. Hurry and get out!”

“Dr. Xu…”

“Get out! I don’t have any information. Get out!”

Innkeeper Zhu got booted out of the clinic by Dr. Xu and had no choice but to walk away slowly with a perturbed look. He couldn’t figure out why Dr. Xu had to be so rude. He was merely asking for some information.

What could he do if he still couldn’t locate the mother and daughter? His assignment was still unaccomplished.

House of Ning!

“Willow Village?” Old Man Ning had never heard of this village before.

The Butler explained, “Master, Willow Village is not that far away from us. You can get there on foot in 4-6 hours; if you travel by horse, it will only take about an hour.”

“That’s excellent. Ko Yang, go there quickly and find out whether the mother and daughter really live in Willow Village. And, find out at the same time where they get the mythical animals.”

“Master, it’s getting late. This might not be the best time to go. Why don’t I go first thing n the morning? I will bring some gifts with me, that ought to make things easier when I talk to them.” Ko Yang spoke up.

“Right, right. I was being too impatient. It’s inappropriate to visit at this hour, inappropriate!” Old Man Ning was very happy after the news. Happily he said, “Ko Yang, bring some fancy gifts with you tomorrow, be respectful. If there are any mythical animals, you can make the decisions and buy them.”

“Yes, Master!”

“If they are really raising mythical animals, go ahead and tell them that we will buy everything they have going forward!”


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