Wednesday, March 13, 2019

TWQQF ch 35.1 - Ambitious

“What did you just say? Everything at the Cheng’s are mythical because of the spiritual well?” Old Man Ning sprang up in disbelief.

A solemn-looking Ko Yang nodded and replied earnestly, “Master, everything Ko Yang said was true. I saw the spiritual well with my own eyes and so had the spiritual water from the well. It is, indeed, spiritual water!”

“No wonder! Spiritual water huh? What a lucky family to have a spiritual well? No wonder their farm animals all have mythical properties, because they were all raised with water from this well. It all make sense!”

Ko Yang nodded, “Yes, Master. I have further surveillant Willow Village. Nobody else has such a well other than the Cheng’s.”

“Hmm, if only we can buy the piece of land the Cheng’s are on!” Old Man Ning had greedy thoughts. After all, it was a priceless spiritual well they are talking about!

Hearing those words, Ko Yang frowned and said, “Master, Ko Yang thinks that might be tricky. I have asked around and found out that a while back the land where the Cheng’s reside had been transferred to under their name. It won’t be an easy task to buy it as I think the Cheng’s are no ordinary people!”

“Not ordinary!” Old Man Ning was a bit surprised by that.

“Yes, not ordinary!” said Ko Yang with a solemn look, “I could sense that Mr. Cheng is already a level 2 martial master. Even though martial master is not ranked at the very top in Dafeng, but they are still very well respected.”

“I see!” Upon hearing this, Old Man Ning’s heart sank a bit. This matter wasn’t as simple as he had hoped. The Ning’s hadn’t hired any skilled martial artists on their payroll. Pissing off some martial master level of martial artist would not play out well for them.

Plus, if the Cheng’s are skilled martial master, they might have the backing of other powerful organizations. If they attract more powerful enemies, the Ning’s might be annihilated.”

That being said, to say he didn’t want the mythical animals and spiritual well would be a lie. After the almost half-month long search, walking away empty handed would be a hard pill to swallow.

“Ko Yang, did you tell them that we need their mythical animals?” Asked Old Man Ning after a moment of pondering.

Ko Yang let out a bitter smile, the thoughtful look of Ms. Cheng popped up inside his head, “Master, I was going to place the order with them, but Ms. Cheng seemed reluctant and I didn’t want to push the issue. So I decided to come back and report to you first!”

“Oh….” Old Man Ning was a bit surprised but suddenly his eyes flashed, “How old is this maiden Cheng? How does she look?”

“To reply Master, I gather Ms. Cheng to be around 15 or 16. Not the most beautiful of all women but she is fair. What’s worth mentioning is her elegance that suggest a noble origin, she didn’t seem like your common village girl.”

Ko Yang thought of the wise Ms. Cheng in a very positive light and continued, “Master, it might looked like her father was the one in charge at the Cheng’s, but Ms. Cheng’s words definitely carry some weight. She was the one that stopped the process of a contract being established.”

“It does sound like she is quite a character!” The smile on Old Man Ning’s face thickened, “Ko Yang, what do you think about Zong’er?”

“Young master?” Ko Yang paused for a moment, he couldn’t quite figure out what his master was suggesting.


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  1. Really, greedy people with bad intentions never ends well. You know? I did feel a little respect of the Niang family, but now... never mind, they aren't worth it

    1. Right?! I more or less gave up any idea of them having good intentions when they first decided to hunt them down by abusing doctor/patient confidentiality. Good thing our girl was thinking ahead, she got everything in place without a moment to spare.

    2. I am totally agree with you!

    3. Buying the land from under them is certainly bad and that head of the Ning family is certainly taking it too far.
      But overall they don't seem to be that bad, he's not completely unreasonable and has a capable, intelligent, and at least somewhat kind servant.

  2. He want to use his son to seduce her huh~ well, good luck, you peasant!