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TWQQF ch 31.1 - Words Got Out

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Surrounded by thick forest, the air was fresh and crisp. From the hidden parts of the forest was a hint of perilousness. Vicious beasts were lurking inside.

Of course, accompanied by little fairy Yuteng, the father and daughter didn’t have to do much work. Yuteng was always the first to discover the herbs and missing nothing precious – ginseng, Tuber fleeceflower, lingzhi, ground orchid, saffron. They continued to collect herbs as they went deeper and deeper into the mountains.

On their way, they have also unselectively collected all the cyan wolves, pythons, orangutans, giant spider with markings on their back, chimpanzees, and black hawks etc. that they have ran into.

After half a day of walking around in the forest, the two tired father and daughter sat down for a rest and started eating the food that have brought with them from home while staying alert of what was going on in their surrounding.

“Xiao Xiao, how much more herbs and beasts do we need?” Cheng Biyuan took a sip of water and asked.

Cheng Xiao Xiao, who was nibbling on steamed bun, smiled and said, “Dad, of course it’s the more the better. The dimension will be able to level up more. But, we will head home when time is up. We can’t do it all in a day, it will take time.”

“You are right. Can’t have hot tofu when you are inpatient. We live nearby anyway, we can always come back for more herbs and beasts. Eventually we will leveled up to the highest level!”

“You are certainly right, dad!”

“Ho ho ho…”

While the Cheng’s father and daughter continued chitchatting away in the forest, Ko Yang, who had been waited for a few days at the House of Ning, couldn’t wait any longer and headed toward the clinic.

Sure enough, there weren’t a lot of patients at noon time. There was nobody else other than the pharmacist apprentice.

“Hi, what can I do for you?” The apprentice, who was sprawled over the countertop, ask respectfully with a professional smile when he spotted Ko Yang.

“Is Doctor Xu in?” Ko Yang walked up to the apprentice and produced a small piece of silver.

The apprentice’s eyes beamed. His sleeve quickly moved over the silver and it disappeared into think air. Smiling happily, he replied, “Please wait, I will go get the doctor.”

“Okay, I will wait right here!” Ko Yang nodded and walked over to sit on a chair on the right side.

The apprentice, who walked inside through the door curtain, quickly returned with the doctor behind him.

Dr. Xu recognized the person sitting in the chair and was a bit surprised. He walked up and greeted him, “Hi there, Deacon Ko. What brought you here today?”

“Dr. Xu, good afternoon. Sorry to bother!” Ko Yang also rose and greeted the doctor politely.

Dr Xu smiled, “Please, have a seat!”

“You too, Dr. Xu!”

They both settled down and the doctor took a look at Ko Yang and said, “Deacon Ko looked to be of good spirit, but I detected a hint of worry. Is something bothering you?”

“Dr. Xu is always so observant. You are right that something has been bothering me. I have no other options but to come here and ask for your help. If you can help me resolve this, I would very much appreciate it.” Ko Yang cupped his hands respectfully again and looking very impressed.

“No need to be so polite, Deacon Ko. Do go ahead and let me know what is going on!” Stroking his beard, Dr. Xu did not turn down his request.

“Well, you see. I have ran into this mother and daughter pair a while back and bought some food from them. They are of very high quality and my master was very pleased with them. We have been trying to buy more food from them, but unfortunately, have not had the chance to run into them again.”


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