Thursday, December 27, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 15.1 - Back to the Market

Responding to her brother’s call, Cheng Xiao Xiao join the family at the dinner table.

After dinner, Mrs. Cheng sent the young ones to bed and kept Cheng Xiao Xiao in the yard with her.

Looking at her mother who obviously had something on her mind, Cheng Xiao Xiao asked curiosity, “Mom, what is the matter?”

“Nothing, Xiao Xiao,” replied Mrs. Cheng as she shook her head, but still looking like she had something on her mind.

Cheng Xiao Xiao paused for a second and smiled, “Mom, it’s alright, you can tell me.”

“Xiao Xiao, really nothing!” Looking into the pure eyes of her daughter, she picked up her hands and said ever so lovingly, “Xiao Xiao, thank you for helping our during these difficult days!”

“Mom, don’t say that, we are a family. And, right, I have harvested my rice crop from the dimension, let me get them out in a bit. From now on we can have white rice every day!” Seeing that her mother didn’t want to share, she changed  the subject.

Mrs. Cheng looked ecstatic and asked, “You have harvested the rice crop already?” She just said she planted them yesterday, and it has already harvested in a day. She was utterly surprised!

After seeing her daughter’s nod, her smile brightened and said, “Xiao Xiao, in that case, why don’t we go to the market again in two days? Your dad needs some better herbs, let’s go exchange for some taels!”

“Sure, mom, let’s go in a few days!” Since she was harvesting everyday, she didn’t care about selling these things. Right now her family have meat on the table everyday, that’s much better than most villagers!

“Yes, no rush. Your dad seems to be getting better these last few days. We got time!”

Since she brought up the father’s injury, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help her curiosity and asked, “Mom, can you tell me who was it that hurt dad, please?”

“Xiao Xiao, you don’t need to worry about that!” Mrs. Cheng looked at her daughter and looked to be in dismay. She avoided the subject, “It’s a blessing that you couldn’t remember the past. So don’t worry about it. Your brothers and sister are still young. Our current lives aren’t too bad!”

“Mom, I’m an adult now, I think I should know what had happened. Please, tell me?”

“Okay, Xiao Xiao, go get some rest. I will tell you later!” In order to avoid the subject, Mrs. Cheng quickly got up and went inside her own quarter!

Looking at the back of her mother disappearing into the house, Cheng Xiao Xiao felt very frustrated. She couldn’t understand why her mother would want to hide that from her. Being unhappy for a short while, she, too, returned to her own quarter.

Speaking of, there had been lots of servants on the street. If you were in the know about things, you would know these are all employees of Ning House and words on the street were they were looking for a mother/daughter pair.

But the servants of Ning House were destined to be disappointed. After a few days of searching, they were still unable to locate the two, it was as though they have never been there.

The few elders who were waiting at Ning House were also disappointed. They have been waiting for the mother and daughter to show up. They really wanted to find out where did these mythical animals come from.

Since they weren’t able to locate the two, one by one they had bid old man Ning farewell. At the same time, they also asked him to inform them if he hear anything about the mother and daughter and they’d return right away.

Old man Ning promised them and saw them out.

What they didn’t know what that the ones that they were searching for were about to show up in the marketplace shortly!

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  1. Bloody hell... Mother or not, I would’ve pressured Mrs Cheng till she vomits out all her secrets concerning Xiao Xiao. Our dear protagonist is kinda hypocritical huh? She doesn’t like the village boy because he’s passive, but she’s acting similar. Makes me wanna hit her with a stick just to see if she will tell me “stop” or keep her frustrations inside.
    Thanks for translating ^_^!

    1. She didnt like him because he is STUPID. Not because he's passive.