Saturday, December 15, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 12.2 - Mythical Beasts

The words from the butler brought hope to everyone. All they need to do is to find the mother and daughter, and they’d find out the source of the spiritual animals!

Old man Ning observed everyone’s reaction and nodded lightly, then said, “Okay, go make some arrangements. If you find the mother and daughter, remember to be polite and invite them back here.”

“Yes, Master!”

While folks at Ning House started to arrange help in locating Mrs. Cheng and Cheng Xiao Xiao, they had no idea that they had already attracted attention to themselves.

Inside the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao just harvested a crop of Chinese cabbage. The dimension has already reached Lv 3. Looking at the warehouse full of white radishes, cabbages, and garlics, Cheng Xiao Xiao was a little troubled. Even though the crops wouldn’t go bad in the warehouse, but she couldn’t keep growing the same crops. She would need to grow something different.

Clicking on the screen, Cheng Xiao Xiao eyed the barley, rice, and corn. The Cheng House was poor, so everyday they have been eating clear porridge or corn noodles. For someone who had grew up eating rice, she definitely leaned toward growing rice.

After some more thinking, she clicked on rice and seeded all 10 fields plus the 5 additional ones that came with the leveling up. She believed she would be able to harvest them the next day.

The idea of eating fresh cooked rice the next day made her laughed happily.

Walking outside the cottage, she sat next to the pond. Looking at the almost fully-grown fish, and thinking about fish soup at night, her smile brightened even more.

Slowly, her smile reduced. What about dad’s injury?

She sat next to the pond and fell into deep thought.

“Regardless, let me level up the dimension some more. Not only will there be more fields to plough, maybe there will be other surprises as well!”

After making up her mind, she returned from the dimension. Noticing that it was almost dark outside, she went to help her mother prepare dinner.

That night, the family had delectable fish soup and savory fried fish. All the young ones were excited and didn’t even ask where the fish came from.

Inside the house, Cheng Bi Yuan had a look of astonishment after taking a sip of the fish soup. Then the astonishment turned into concern. Looking at his wife, he asked, “Wife, have you had any of the fish soup?”

“Yes, I have. Are you trying to say that the fish soup is spiritual?” Mrs. Cheng sighed faintly.

Mr. Cheng didn’t say more, just continued to drink the fish soup quietly.

Mrs. Cheng said softly to herself, “I wonder whether this is a blessing or trouble.”

“Blessing!” Said Cheng Bi Yuan with a determined look, “Even if it’ trouble, we will have to turn it around and make it a blessing. If God want our branch to prosper, no one will be able to bully us anymore!”

Ye…..” Mrs. Cheng looked at him, worried.

“Yuqin, don’t worry. It’s okay, Xiao Xiao is not the same as before, but that’s not a bad thing!” Cheng Bi Yuan reassured her, then continued, “You will need to pay more attention to watching over Zheng Yuan and Zheng Bin, don’t let them fall behind on their study or their martial art training.”

“Yes, ye!” Replied Mrs. Cheng tenderly.

“Let’s hold off on selling our chickens and rabbits, we have enough supplies to tie us over for a while anyway.” In Cheng Bi Yuan’s mind, he did not want his wife and daughter going to sell these things.

Mrs. Cheng nodded, “Xiao Xiao had just told me that she is growing rice in the dimension and should be able to harvest tomorrow. We will have both vegetables and rice so we won’t need to sell anything at the market, but….”

Painfully she looked at him, “Ye, we will need more medicines for you!”

“No rush, I think the herbs that Xiao Xiao had been bring home are quite good!”


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  1. Wow! Such a smart and caring father!

    1. Currently he's the only smart guy in the story, he knows it's best to keep a low profile, he protects his family.

  2. I don't know... can't say I am a big fan of the dad... =.=

  3. Why does my urge to beat the two parents up keep increasing? How strange.
    Thanks for translating! ^_^

  4. So he knows she isn't his daughter?
    But still chooses to use her?
    Or am I overthinking?

    Thank you for the chapter 😘

  5. I think the author sorta went back and forth between "she's like a different person" and "she's 'still' Xiao Xiao" (as in "she's our daughter / sister after all, we still love her)

  6. Since the things she brings out of the farm seem to be 'special' in some way, why isn't she running around adding herbs to her farm? There was 'nothing special' to suck in to her dimension... But are those herbs chopped liver?

    1. I think she needed new / unique stuff to level up the dimension... hence the herb gets ignored... and if they can pick them in the wild... does she need to add them?

    2. But if she adds them then they will be spiritual plants and be even better for her dad!