Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 14.2 - Leveled Up Again

“You are just a kid, what do you know?” Said Cheng Xiao Xiao while giving him a stare.

Cheng Zheng Yuan didn’t care about the look that she gave him, he grinned at her, “Big sister, I think Danhang ge likes you though!”

“Nonsense, maybe it was you who like some girl in the village!”

“Nonsense, I don’t like any of those ugly girls!”



“Then don’t go play in their village any more!”

“Big sister……”

Mrs. Cheng was standing in front of the kitchen watching the two of them bantering with each other. She looked at her now full grown daughter and seemed a bit sad. If they weren’t stuck in this place, she already at the age to look for a husband, but now…..

Cheng Xiao Xiao placed the herbs in the yard, turned and saw her mother standing in front of the kitchen. She smiled and asked, “What’s the matter, mom?”

“Oh, nothing, just a little tired. You guys go clean up with some water, dinner will be ready soon!” Mrs. Cheng put her worries aside for now and smiled at her.

“I’ll go bathe at the river!” Shouted Cheng Zheng Yuan as he darted inside the house to get some clean clothes.

The two boys enjoyed very much bathing in the river not far from the house. Their parents never told them they couldn’t do it, and it had became an enjoyment for the two of them.

“Mom, I’ll go into my quarters to get cleaned up!” Smiled Cheng Xiao Xiao.


Mrs. Cheng looked at her 16-year-old daughter and sighed slightly. She wasn’t sure what to do with her daughter’s happiness. Of course she was aware that Liu Danhang was fond of her daughter. It wasn’t that fact that he was poor, but she really didn’t think he measured up to her daughter in terms of his intelligence or his look.

Entering into the dimension, the system sound rang immediately, “Discovered a new species of black lingzhi, dimension has increased from level 3 to level 8. Added 10 more fields!”

“Discovered new species of dendrobium nobile, dimension increased from level 8 to level 14. Added 15 more fields. Added jade vine!”

“Jade vine?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was surprised, she hadn’t expected something called “jade vine”. She hasn’t made it inside the cottage before she noticed the strange looking vine sprout in front of the cottage and growing bigger and bigger in front of her eyes. Before long, it had climbed all over the cottage. Making the original plain-looking cottage a much more attractive look.

Although the jade vine were pretty, Cheng Xiao Xiao had no idea what it was. She was a bit curious. She approached it mindlessly and reached out to touch its lush, green leaves.

It was light, cool, and smooth to the touch, almost jade-like.

No wonder it was called jade vine, thought Cheng Xiao Xiao to herself, and her smile brightened. For some reason, she felt that this jade vine was a bit unusual, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She stayed a bit longer before she walked away from the jade wine to go examine her now 40 ploughed fields. Other than the original 15 that were now filled with rice ready to be harvested, the 25 new fields were her biggest accomplishment today.

“Harvest the rice crops and turn them into white rice, convert rice seedlings into hay!”

She gave her orders and immediately the golden rice fields disappeared in front of her eyes immediately.

Without wasting anytime, she replanted all 40 fields with rice crops.

Afterward, she went over to the farm side to collect all the chickens and rabbits. Now that the dimension has reached level 14, she could raise chickens and rabbits in much larger quantity.

She went inside the cottage to check on the market place; other than chickens and rabbits, she could also raise sheep, cows, ducks, deer, etc.

Finally, she decided to stay with chickens and rabbits for now, but tens of them.

“Big sister, dinner is ready!”


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