Thursday, December 13, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 12.1 - Mythical Beasts

“Something’s wrong?” Old man Ning didn’t expect the question and was baffled by his question. He asked, “Old Lam, something’s the problem?”

“No, no problem. Or, I should say it’s something nice. Here…” Old man Lam shook his head. Meeting everybody’s quizzical gaze, he pointed at the rabbit meat on the table, “You guys all try this!”

Everybody exchanged looks with each other then all turned and looked at the rabbit meat on the table at the same time. Then, wordlessly, they all lifted their chopsticks and picked a piece of rabbit meat into their mouths.

This strange scene had gotten the attention of everybody else who were in the dining hall. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at these few old fellas.

The steward standing outside the dining room had a different look on him. His was that of angst and uncertainty. Occasionally he’d even use his sleeve to wipe away the sweat on his forehead!

Hot damn! These are all special guests of the master. Had he known better, he shouldn’t have bought those fowls from an unknown source. What if something was wrong? He’d be in deep trouble!

Under everyone’s stare, the few elders all looked astonished. The one in grey couldn’t help but said, “What is going on? These tastes like spiritual animal meat. Old man Ning, how did these find their way to your place?”

Spiritual animal meat?

The phrase startled everyone who was there. Everybody looked incredulous, especially the steward who was just regretting his decision. He stood there in disbelief.

Immediately, the once lively scene turned silent. Everybody turned and looked to Old man Ning for an answer.

Old man Ning frowned slightly. He turned and looked at the one standing outside the dining room, “Old Hui, c’mon in. What’s the matter? How did these fowls made their way here?”

Everybody at the Ning House knew well that these were not animals they have raised. So they’d have to be bought from outside.

The butler walked inside under everybody’s stare. He cupped his hands and greeted everyone before he turned to Old man Ning and said “Master, these chickens and rabbits were purchased by steward Kao from the outside. I really know nothing about them!”

“Ko Yang?” Old man Ning was surprised!

“Old man Ning, why don’t you have Ko Yang come here to tell us what’s going on?” Laughed Old Lam.

Everybody else nodded, they all want to know where these fowls came from.

Old man Ning gave a bitter smile and said, “Everyone, Ko Yang is not here. I had arranged him to go run some errands for me this morning.”


That was unexpected, and everybody was unsatisfied with the answer, but there were not much they could do.

“Brother Ning, roughly when will Ko Yang be back?” The old man in grey asked.

“Half a month at the earliest!” Answered Old man Ning with a bitter smile.

Everybody was even more disappointed.

The butler standing in front of them spoke again, “Master, the chickens and rabbits were delivered by a pair of mother and daughter. Would you like me to make arrangement to look for them?”


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