Thursday, November 15, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 6.1 - Small Harvest

“Let’s go! Time to go catch chickens!!!” Little Zheng Bin exclaimed joyfully and started heading toward the valley all by himself.

Even the older Zheng Yuan had a big smile on him!

To lighten the load, Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t going to carry the herbs and firewood with them to the cave. She found a remote location to stash them away before taking her two brothers into the valley.

“Big sister didn’t catch enough chickens yesterday. Big brother, let’s catch three chickens today!”

“Three is not that many. For dad’s health, the more the better. Zheng Bin, let’s catch a few more!”

“I know the more the better, but will we be able to? I don’t think the chickens will be stupid enough to just stand there and wait for us!”

“We just have to try as hard as we could! I wonder how many chickens are in the cage?!”

“I say, at least a clutch!”

“Probably over 10. If we can’t get them all today, we will come back tomorrow!”

“Yeah! We will come everyday till we get the last of them!”1


Upon hearing her brother’s conversation, the corner of Cheng Xiao Xiao’s mouth twitched involuntarily. It looked like she’d have to release all the chickens and rabbits from the dimension to make her brothers’ wishes come true.

She couldn’t possibly let them down, right?

The three of them quickly arrived at the cave that Cheng Xiao Xiao found yesterday. They could hear small chicks clucking. The two young ones were beyond excited, Zheng Bin shouted, “Big sister! There really are chickens here! I can here clucking of young chicks!”

Nonsense. She just put a few chicks inside yesterday, of course there were clucking.

“Yeah! Let’s hurry inside!”

The two young ones dashed inside the cave, leaving their big sister behind!

Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but laughed looking at how eager her brothers were. She carefully let out a chickens from the dimension as she followed behind them.

“Eh? How come there are only young chicks but no adult chickens?” Asked Zheng Bin in his crisp, childish voice.

Cheng Xiao Xiao, who was now quite a few steps behind them, frowned slightly. Then she looked to the right side and saw a split in the path. Without hesitation, she tossed a few chickens to the other side.

Bok bok bok……

The loud clucking echoed inside the cave. Cheng Xiao Xiao pointed at the other path and smiled at her two now disappointed brothers, “Look, they are right here. You guys found the chicks, the adult ones are here.”

She didn’t need to say any more, the brothers had already heard the chicken. The two kids dashed over and saw four to five chickens flapping heir wings. Ecstatic, dashing straight at the chickens, Zheng Bin shouted, “This is awesome! Big brother, quick! Help me catch them!”

“Be careful, Zheng Bin, don’t let the chickens get out of the cave!”

“Big brother, you block the left side, quick!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao looked at her brothers running back and forth after the chickens. She had no intention to go help them. She took the opportunity while they were distracted and walked over to the other side of the cave. Quickly, she took out three medium-sized chickens and a few rabbits and placed them somewhere obscure.

She didn’t forget to also take out a few white radish sprouts. These would be proofs in the future.

Half an hour later, the brothers, who were now pouring with sweats, barely got two chickens. The rest all flew and stayed half way up the cliff, leaving them no means to get to them.

Even though they didn’t catch as many as they had wanted, but they were excited all over again when they saw the two rabbits that Cheng Xiao Xiao had in her hands.

Not a bad day for what they have got, and time was getting late. The three of them carried the firewood, herbs, chickens, and rabbits and returned home.


Random translator comment:
1.     They do know that if they catch them all… there will be no more chickens…. Should they leave a few there to breed? >.< Is it just me because their short-sightedness really irked me. J


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  1. 1. Thanks for the chapter. 2 I do like this story farming ones are a secret passion of mines. 3. I agree. There seems to be a lot of short Sightedness going on. MC doesn’t seem to understand long term planing. QQ farm seems to be different in this world than her pc game, yet she has spent no time learning about it or how can it help her. Breeding chickens she brought home 2 and ate 2, I was like what about eating 1 and let the second one give an egg for breakfast for dad. MC is short on gold, so how is she going to buy more chicken when she runs out. I know her younger siblings wish for meat everyday but Rome was not built in a day. Learning, she did not get the memories of the former body, so why hasn’t she tried to learn about her new world especially what she can plant and sell. Hoping later chapters address these things.

  2. Interesting comment, but chickens can't breed more chickens without a rooster.

    1. They can still be egg farms though, hens lay an egg daily regardless of the presence of roosters.

    2. But that's different from game right? It would just say chicken not hens.

  3. Well, chicken is a generic term, can be both hen or rooster... plus, she can either go back to the cave for one of the opposite gender... or just grab more from the dimension. :D :D

  4. I feel the same way octopus様
    When they first catched the two chickens and they cooked it, I was like Nooo breed or let the chickens lay eggs! Nooo

  5. gracias por el capitulo, a ver cuando piensan en dejarlos vivos y crear su propia granja

  6. Killing the chickens seems wasteful when they can use them for eggs, sure you won't get more chickens that way, but chickens lay 1 egg daily.

  7. These topic interest me a bit coz.. I didn't know chickens lay eggs daily.. we raise chickens but there's no signs of eggs everyday.. it takes weeks to months before we get some eggs and we mostly expect it when the rooster starts chasing after females and when he successfully pinned her down to breed her..