Thursday, November 22, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 7.2 - Coming Clean to the Parents

“What?!” Mrs. Cheng exclaimed.

Cheng Bi Yuan didn’t not have too much of a reaction. He continued to look at his daughter standing in front of him, waiting for her further explanation.

“This…. ” Mrs. Cheng looked at her daughter, then at the man on the bed. She was confused, “This… exactly what has been going on, Xiao Xiao?”

After all, Mrs. Cheng was quite a sophisticated woman, once she calmed down, she had noticed something fishy had been going on, and the key laid with her daughter.

Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled, but didn’t explain right away, she gently asked, “Dad, Mom, you still remember how I had lost consciousness about half a month ago?”

“Of course,” replied Mrs. Cheng right away.

Cheng Bi Yuan didn’t vocalize his answer, but you could tell from his look that he, too, remembered.

“Dad, mom, ever since I had regained consciousness, I’ve lost a lot of my past memories, but I have also gained something. Something extra in my consciousness, a little dimension. One that allows me to grow vegetables and raise farm animals. And that’s where all the white radishes, chickens, and rabbits came from.”

“For real?!”

Mrs. Cheng turned pale, she looked up and down her daughter and asked worriedly, “Xiao Xiao, how do you feel? Any other discomfort? How did this happen? What if it has negative effect on your body? Oh God, why is this happening….”

The disturbed Mrs. Cheng went on rambling, she was both worried and scared. It wasn’t just her, even Mr. Cheng from the bed turned slightly pale, and had a look of amazement.

He had thought about many explanation, but nothing so out there – a dimension in her consciousness?

Allowed her to grow vegetables? And raise farm animals?

As knowledgeable as he was, he had never heard about anything like this before. He had never heard of anything called a ‘dimension’, and exactly how did it happen inside a human body?!

His frown deepened more and more. Suddenly his eyes twinkled, as though he had recalled something. There were sparkles in his eyes.

“Mom, I am fine. See?” Cheng Xiao Xiao could tell that Mrs. Cheng was on the brink of crying. She felt both touched and helpless.

She didn’t wait for a response from her mother before she continued, “Mom, you shouldn’t worry. This dimension is a blessing for us. Don’t worry, if it will hurt me, it would have happened already.”

“Yuqin (Mrs. Cheng’s name), listen to Xiao Xiao, this is indeed a blessing from a higher power. Otherwise, it will be difficult for our family to survive.”

Ye…..” Mr.s Cheng wiped away her tears, then looked at her daughter and nodded slightly, “Ye is right. We will be much better off with Xiao Xiao’s spell-casting ability.”


Xiao Xiao wasn’t sure whether she should disagree with the idea of  “spell-casting”. Perhaps, the fact that she could farm and raise farm animals inside a dimension was the equivalent of spell-casting to her mother.

In any case, it wasn’t like she could explain transmigrating with QQ Farm in any other way, so why bother to disagree with any kind of labeling?

After some brief explanation of the farm to satisfy the curiosity of her parents, Cheng Xiao Xiao produced some white radishes, chicken, and rabbits from the warehouse.

After Mr. and Mrs. Cheng had seen how their daughter could just produce these items from thin air, Mrs. Cheng now strongly believed that her daughter had gained the ability to cast spells.

“Xiao Xiao, you said you can harvest every 8 hours?” asked Cheng Bi Yuan.

“Yes, dad.”


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! An explanation is better.

  2. While she's at it, why didn't she mention her memories as well? Like she explained where food was coming from but didn't explain her knowledge of herbs. She could've said " while I was in a coma I lost some memories but I also gained some new ones... memories of another me, a me from another life. Thought these memories are still vague, I can still use my knowledge as a herbalist from that life to help dad gain his health back"
    Then play the helplessly scared and confused daughter to gain their sympathy " does... mother and father think I'm a monster?? Are you... Afraid of me? A single person with memories of two different lives. Such a daughter... Do you still want me? " *lets a single tear drop*

    1. Haha! I had thought about her making up a story as well, but yours was much better. Doing so, would also make her future much easier and her actions wouldn't come off as suspicious. But now that she told her parents, she should also tell her siblings.